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Mr Connor Gorham

Overview of thesis

My research aims to investigate the blue carbon storage potential of tidal marsh ecosystems throughout temperate Western Australia, while identifying the factors driving inter- and intra-habitat variability of sedimentary carbon stocks; including physical, chemical and biological variables. The data gathered for this project will fill a substantial knowledge gap in regards to the role tidal marsh ecosystems play as blue carbon sinks throughout Australia, and will be further used to estimate the potential economic value of restoring and conserving Western Australia’s temperate tidal marsh ecosystems in the frame of the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Project link: Carbon storage potential of temperate tidal marsh ecosystems in Western Australia


  • Bachelor of Science (Marine and Freshwater Biology, and Conservation Biology)

Other Qualifications

  • Master Rescue Diver
  • Recreational Skippers Ticket
  • Provide First Aid, Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Provide Oxygen (O2)
  • Qualified in the Handling and Use of Cryogenic Fluids (ECU Accredited)


Research Interests

  • Marine ecology
  • Coastal and Marine Management
  • Carbon Mitigation and Global Warming
  • Habitat and Species Conservation


Dr Oscar Serrano
Professor Paul Lavery
Macquarie University - Dr Jeff Kelleway


Masters Student
Mr Connor Gorham
Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research
School of Science

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