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Mr Tommo Sutomo

Overview of thesis

Tropical savannas cover over 20% of the Earth’s surface, with the largest coverage in Africa, Australia and South America. The patterns of savanna plant communities in Indonesia have received little study, but appear to be different from place to place and are worthy of further investigation as to what factors influence these differences. The following hypotheses are established: vegetation patterns and dynamics of savannas in Indonesia are largely affected by the rainfall gradient, fire and grazing. Less rainfall results in more frequent fire, and together with grazing, these factors contribute to shaping the plant community. It is hypothesised that there will be a shift in plant communities across the rainfall gradient with more fire-adapted species in drier and more frequently burnt areas.


  • BSc Forestry Science Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta Indonesia
  • MSc School of Plant Biology The University of Western Australia


Research Interests

  • Vegetation Ecology
  • Plant Succession
  • Alien and Invasive Plant Ecology
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Remote Sensing for Ecology

Other work

  • Research Scientist at Indonesian Institute of Science-Bali Botanical Garden

Past Teaching

  • Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Jakarta, Universitas Udayana (UNUD), Denpasar Bali (visiting lecturer and honours student project supervisor) 2011-2012

Scholarships and Awards

  • Edith Cowan University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2014
  • Ruffords Small Grants for Conservation Award 2012
  • 3rd  Winner Scientific Paper Writing Award from Society for Indonesian Biodiversity 2010
  • Sampoerna Foundation Community Social Responsibility (CSR) award 2011
  • Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) 2007

Recent Publications

Journal Article

  • Sutomo, van Etten E. & Wahab L. (2016) Proof of Acacia nilotica stand expansion in Bekol Savanna, Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia through remote sensing and field observations. BIODIVERSITAS 17, 96-101.
  • SUTOMO, HOBBS, R. J. & CRAMER, V. A. 2011. Plant community establishment on the volcanic deposit following nuees ardentes of Mount Merapi : diversity and floristic variation. Biodiversitas, 12, 86-91.
  • SUTOMO & FARDILLA, D. 2012. Plant Community and Soil Relationship Following Wildfires from Nuees Ardentes of Mount Merapi Indonesia. Biotropia, 19.
  • SUTOMO & FARDILLA, D. 2013. Floristic Composition of Groundcover Vegetation after the 2010 Pyroclastic Fire on Mount Merapi. Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika, 19, 54-62.
  • PRIYADI, A., SUTOMO, S., DARMA, I., & ARINASA, I. B. K. (2014). Selecting Tree Species with High Carbon Stock Potency from Tropical Upland Forest of Bedugul-Bali, Indonesia. Journal of Tropical Life Science, 4(3), 201-205.

Proceedings Chapter

  • Sutomo & Fardilla D. (2013) Species Richness Estimation of Groundcover Vegetation in Some Parts of 2010 Pyroclastic Flows Areas of Mt. Merapi Using Estimates. In: 1st International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment. Faculty of Agriculture Sebelas Maret University, Solo.
  • Sutomo, Fardilla, D., & Darma, I. D. P. (2012). Autecology of invasive species Imperata cylindrica in anthropogenic disturbed forests on Pohen Mountain, Batukahu Nature Reserve, Bali: Implication for weeds management. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Society for Indonesian Biodiversity, Solo.


  • SUTOMO 2013. Ecological Succession on Volcanic Ecosystem of Mount Merapi Indonesia and Its Implication For Restoration, Bogor,  South East Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO-BIOTROP).

Conference Publications/ Presentations

  • Sutomo, van Etten E. & Priyadi A. (2015) Do Water Buffalo Facilitate Dispersal of Invasive Alien Tree Species Acacia nilotica in Bekol Savanna Baluran National Park? In: Second International Conference on Tropical Biology (eds E. K. Damayanti and J. C. Fernandez) p. 46. SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor.
  • Sutomo, van Etten, E., & Fardilla, D. (2014). Changes in soil seed bank species composition following the 2010 eruption of mount Merapi volcano, Yogyakarta Indonesia. Paper presented at the Biodiversity & Vegetation: Patterns, Processes, Conservation, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Sutomo, Hobbs R. J. & Cramer V. A. (2010) Plant Succession Following Nuees Ardentes of Mt. Merapi Indonesia. In: Rottnest Island Postgraduate Summer School. School of Plant Biology The University of Western Australia, Rottnest Island, Western Australia.
  • Sutomo, Cramer V. A. & Hobbs R. J. (2010) Plant Succession and Alternative States Model for Mt. Merapi In: The 2010 International Meeting of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation. Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Sutomo, Hobbs R. J. & Cramer V. A. (2009) Dynamics of vegetation re-establishment on the nuées ardentes Deposits of Mt. Merapi Volcano (Java, Indonesia): Is Restoration Needed? In: SERI World Conference on Ecological Restoration. Society of Ecological Restoration International, Perth, Western Australia
  • Sutomo, Cramer V. A. & Hobbs R. J. (2009) Patterns of Plant Communities Changes following nuées ardentes Forest Fire on Mt. Merapi (Java, Indonesia): Assembly Rules and Influences of Edaphic Factors. In: Royal Society of Western Australia Postgraduate Symposium. Royal Society of Western Australia



Mr Tommo Sutomo
PhD Student
Centre for Ecosystem Management
School of Science
Mobile: 0410869847
Email: or
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