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Ms Charu Lata Singh

Overview of thesis

Role of microbial assemblages in affecting the nutrient cycling associated with wrack and in supporting the food webs of surf zones and sandy beaches.

Despite the preponderance of microorganisms and the pivotal role they play in energy and nutrient cycling, very little is known about their influence in processing of organic matter in coastal marine ecosystems. My research will focus on establishing the influence of microbial communities on nutrient cycling associated with wrack and the water column in the surf zone, and wrack and sediment on sandy beaches. By quantifying the total nutrient pool derived from microbial activity on wrack, the role of heterotrophic bacteria on the palatability (through changes in wrack physical structure) and nutrient availability to consumers can be determined. To do this, I am examining the effect of bacterially and non‐bacterially mediated changes in kelp (Ecklonia radiata) in these environments, on the survival, growth rate and reproductive output of the amphipod Allorchestes compressa.


  • Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Botany and Chemistry)
    University of Lucknow, India 1998
  • Master of Science in Botany (Specialization- Plant Anatomy, Plant Palynology and Plant Embryology)
    University of Mumbai, India 2001
  • MS (Joint European Masters in Water and Coastal Management)
    University of Plymouth (U.K.) & University of Algarve (Portugal) 2006-2008
    Thesis: Assessment of the Ecological Quality Status of rocky shores in south Portugal and implementation of Water Framework Directive

Other Qualifications

  • PADI (Europe) Open Water Diver (2010)
  • Recreational Skippers Ticket (current)
  • Apply First Aid (current)


Research Interests

Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, habitat connectivity, marine microbial ecology, water and coastal management

Past Research employment history

  • 2005-2006 Research Project Assistant, National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Mumbai, India.
  • 2004-2005 Research Project Assistant, Phytoplankton Laboratory, National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Mumbai, India
  • 2002-2004 Research Project Assistant, Biological Oceanographic Division, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India

Other work

  • Participated in Cruise on Board CRV Sagar Purvi for marine environment studies along north-west coast of India, Arabian Sea on the DOD (COMAPS) project, Govt. of India.

Past Teaching

  • 2010 Sessional Laboratory Demonstrator, Edith Cowan University
    - Ecology
    - Understanding Pollution

Scholarships and Awards

  • (ECU-WAMSI) PhD Scholarship for pursuing a Phd at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia (2012-2015 Ongoing)
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship by the European Union for studying European Joint Masters in Water & Coastal Management at University of Plymouth (U.K.) and University of Algarve (Portugal)
  • Certificate of Merit and Cash prize for having secured first rank at Masters of Science in Botany (Mumbai University, India).

Recent Publications

Journal Article

  • Tanaji G. Jagtap, Siddharth Bhosale, Singh Charulata (2006).Characterization of Porteresia coarctata [Roxb.] Tateoka beds along the central west coast of India. Aquatic Botany, 84, 37-44.

Proceedings Chapter

  • Tanaji G. Jagtap, Z. A. Ansari, F.B. Coutinho, Singh Charulata and D. M. Gaidhane “Impact of climate change on mangrove forests along the south-west coast of India: Case study from Kasargod, Kerela”. NATCOM proceedings of the workshop on vulnerability assessment and adaptation due to climate change on indian agriculture, forestry and natural ecosystems 18 – 19 July, 2003, MoEF, Govt. of India

Book Chapter

  • T. G. Jagtap and Singh Charulata (2004). “Mangrove: Nursery for fisheries” (In Book “Know your shore : Goa” By World Wide Fund for Nature, India.

Conference Publications/ Presentations

  • Charu Lata Singh, Alice Newton, Joao M Neto, Dissanayake M R Sampath. "The applicability of macroalgae as a biological quality element for assessing the ecological quality status of rocky intertidal shores under the European Union Water Framework Directive". 5th Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference [Extended Abstract for Oral presentation], 26th-28th March 2009. Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.
  • Charu Lata Singh, Alice Newton, Joao M Neto and Ruwan Sampath Dissanayake. "Prediction of the reduction of the extent of rocky intertidal habitats owing to sea level rise as a consequence of climate change". First Erasmus Mundus Conference: Climate Change and Higher Education [Abstract for Oral presentation], held on 26th-27th Feb 2009 at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Singh, C.L. and A. Newton. "Impact of Climate Change on rocky intertidal habitats along the South-West and West coast of Algarve, Portugal". 43rd Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association- International Symposium. Climate change impacts on south European coastal ecosystems [Abstract for Poster Presentation], 7-9th Feb 2008, Lisbon, Portugal.

Symposium / Workshop Presentations

  • Kelp wrack as a trophic subsidy for seagrass ecosystems of south-western Australia [Oral Presentation] Australian Marine Science Association (WA): 8th Annual AMSA Rottnest Student Workshop, 22nd-23rd July 2010.
  • Kelp wrack as a trophic subsidy for seagrass ecosystems of south-western Australia [Oral Presentation] WAMSI-AMSA Show and Tell Marine Science Symposium, 9th feb 2010.

Technical Reports

  • Vulnerable forest ecosystem and adaptation measures for climate change: Status of mangroves and impact assessment at selected site along the west coast of India, November 2002(NIO/SP-34/2002).
  • Evaluation of mangroves and feasibility studies for their restoration in and around the property of PAN India Paryatan Limited at Gorai, Mumbai" Jan2004 (NIO/SP-22/2003)



PhD Student
Ms Charu Lata Singh
Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research
School of Science
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5776
Mobile: 0411 361 839

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