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Business Social Etiquette and Networking

Being able to represent your company or yourself well at conferences and industry events is an important part of professionalism, as is the ability to build new relationships through networking. The course includes: self-introductions; small talk; exiting a conversation with a “talker”; handling passed foods; alcohol consumption and the one-drink rule; pointers on creating comfortable conversation; dealing with difficult or controversial conversations; smoothly moving from group to group; and the importance and how-to follow up.

The course also includes networking skill sets for parties, sports events, and dinners; good host and good guest protocols such as sending and accepting invitations, punctuality protocol, and sending appropriate ‘thank-yous’.

Why this course is for you

Emily Post Business Etiquette Seminars are designed to identify, develop, and fast-track future leaders and new managers. Our programs teach self-confidence in business social settings, business travel, business dining, and more. An understanding of the principles behind business etiquette is a fundamental skill of good management.

About the Emily Post Institute

The Emily Post Institute has been a thought leader in personal and business etiquette since Emily Post published her seminal bestseller on the topic in 1922 in Vermont, USA. The institute maintains that, even though times have changed, the principles of good manners remain constant.

‘Being considerate, respectful, and honest is more important than knowing which fork to use. Whether it’s a handshake or a fist bump, it’s the underlying sincerity and good intentions of the action that matter most’.

About Dr Nathalie Collins

Nathalie Collins is the Director (National Programs) and (International) at ECU’s School of Business and Law. She is a certified Emily Post Business Etiquette trainer, as well as a seasoned professional and educator. She has been a manager, salesperson and worked in industries as diverse as retail, health, entertainment and hospitality.

Further information

Please contact the Executive Education team on

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