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Contract Management Essentials for Project Success

Contract management and project management go hand in hand. This one day course has been designed to teach the working professional how to navigate the complexity of project-based contracts to ensure your projects succeed!

Why this course is for you

You may already be a contract manager, project manager or a person working in a procurement or administrative support role; or your role may have evolved to include such responsibilities.

This course will help you understand legal terminology, help you communicate and negotiate contracts effectively and give you confidence in meetings that involve contract discussions.

Arm yourself with knowledge that will change the way you approach your work, so that your professional reputation remains undamaged and you meet or exceed your stakeholder’s expectations.

Course overview

The key areas covered are:

  • Introduction to Contract Management
  • Overview of the Contract Life Cycle & Methodology
  • Australian Contract Law Principles
  • Dealing with Subcontractors
  • Tracking Performance
  • Managing Issues and Disputes
  • Managing Payment Claims
  • Managing Variations
  • Contract Discharge & Termination Types
  • Contract Close-Out Process

At the conclusion of this course you will receive a template of a Contract Management Plan to enable maximum benefit back in your workplace.

Further Information

Please contact the Executive Education team on

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