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Effective Strategy & Leadership in the Public Sector

Successful organisations do not happen by accident; they have a strategy, but a strategic plan is only a small part of the story. Successful strategy involves creating a vision that all employees buy into, this involves a series of initiatives that leverage the core competencies of the organisation and build new competencies as required. Significantly it is leadership that ensures that these structures, systems and processes are able to effectively support the vision of the organisation.

Why this course is for you

The public sector provides unique challenges in respect of strategy development and given this distinctive operating environment, this course is essential to understanding and making appropriate strategic choices considering the internal and external environmental constraints present.

As the overarching direction within many public sector organisations is often set by parties outside of the traditional organisational hierarchical system, much of the focus of this course is upon turning this direction into a valuable and deliverable operational strategy.

Course overview

This one day course has been designed to build on and leverage organisational competencies. Some of the key areas covered are:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Delivering value via different mechanisms to stakeholders
  • Developing appropriate feedback systems and
  • Managing significant change across organisational units.

Throughout the course, leadership will be a common theme that addresses how your strategy may be enacted.

About the Facilitator

Professor Peter Galvin is Professor of Strategic Management and the Director of MBA & Post Graduate Studies at ECU. He is an award winning lecturer with Faculty, University and National Teaching Awards to his name. Since moving to academia from management consulting, he has held appointments at various universities in Australia, the US and the UK.

Further Information

Please contact the Executive Education team on

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