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Essentials of Logistics Management

Whether your organisation is an expanding corporation or a fledgling enterprise, its fortunes are subject to an undeniable truth. The success of a business links inextricably to the performance of its logistics and supply chain management.

Why this course is for you

This course will cover the characteristic elements of integrated business logistics including the role and application of supply chain principles to supply/demand/value management.

You will also learn about the activities associated with logistics and supply chain management. These activities include procurement activities, supplier activities, transportation, warehousing, inventory management and customer service.

This workshop is a highly practical guide for measuring the success and identifying any gaps in the supply chain of your organisation.

Course overview

In this full-day interactive workshop you will cover relevant content and take part in hands-on activities including:

  • Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management (including Supply Chain Structure, Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Design and Supply Chain Information Systems)
  • Creating and Managing Supplier Relationships
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Performance measures (including Supply Chain Operations Reference Model and Balanced Scorecard)
  • Participants work in groups to discuss, map and improve the structure of their supply chain

About the Facilitator

Dr Ferry Jie is the Associate Professor in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, in the School of Business and Law. Ferry is also Deputy Director for the Centre for Innovative Practice.

Ferry has maintained a high quality of research throughout his academic career including international scholarly leadership in the areas of supply chain management and logistics, including being invited to be keynote speaker and to give public lectures at symposiums and international conferences in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, UK and Australia.

From 2013 to 2018, Ferry has published 45 refereed journal articles (including 11 articles in A/A* Ranked Journal - ABDC Journal Lists) and 20 refereed conference papers. Furthermore, Ferry has received research grants/awards to the amount of $1,304,604.07 between 2010 and 2018.

Register your interest

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