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Leeuwin LeaderSHIP

A unique, customised, experiential, adventure-based leadership program that transforms individuals, teams and organisations during 3 days aboard the STS Leeuwin II, Western Australia’s very own tall ship.

The Leeuwin LeaderSHIP Program meets the demands of our challenging and changing environment by pushing boundaries and developing clarity, purpose, resilience and personal leadership that translates into on-the-job effectiveness.

Our research reveals that organisations and employers have a hard time attracting and KEEPING good talent. Employees don’t see alignment with their skills, strengths and values within the organisation. They desire a sense of alignment and challenge in their roles and want to have unique and engaging learning and development opportunities.

This is the first phase of a three-part leadership program to address organisational development challenges. It builds character, loyalty and a leadership mindset that translates into amazing contributions in the workplace.

Why this program is for you

This program is designed for high achievers who have been identified as leadership candidates within an organisation and newly promoted managers who are embarking on a new leadership role (within the past 12-18 months).

Program overview

  • Personal Leadership Effectiveness
  • Being a High Performing Team Member
  • Communication, Listening and Influence
  • Developing a Leadership Brand
  • Mindfulness and Focus
  • Time and Priority Management
  • Resilience and Wellness
  • Personal and Organisational Change
  • Conflict Management

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest for this course by email:

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