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What’s next - Make LinkedIn work for you

LinkedIn is a powerful way to promote and build your individual brand, share your live resume, profile your expertise, and expand personal and industry connections.

Why this course is for you

Used correctly, LinkedIn can significantly enhance an individual’s career development and facilitate opportunities for personal and business growth. But knowing how to best use the features of LinkedIn is challenging.

This live and interactive online workshop is ideal for individuals or small business owners who want to use LinkedIn more effectively to achieve personal and/or business objectives.

Course overview

As this is an intermediate LinkedIn class, participants need a LinkedIn account and an intermediate knowledge of LinkedIn before registering for this course.

This three-hour class is designed to take participants through a series of practical steps to allow them to maximise the value of LinkedIn to both themselves and their business. We get you to think strategically and get LinkedIn to work for you.

The key areas covered are:

  • LinkedIn as a strategic platform
  • Creating a strong LinkedIn profile – customisation strategies
  • How to engage effectively
  • Articles or posts
  • Join and establish groups
  • Creating posts that strengthen your personal and business brand
  • Using hashtags and tagging
  • Knowledge of LinkedIn’s algorithms – keep your post in your contacts’ feed for longer
  • LinkedIn’s role in Social Media Marketing

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:

  • Engage effectively with LinkedIn.
  • Create posts that strengthen your personal and business brand.
  • Create a strong LinkedIn profile using customisation strategies.
  • Effective use of hashtags and tagging.
  • Understand LinkedIn’s algorithms to keep your post in your contacts’ feed for longer.
  • Understanding LinkedIn’s analytics on your profile
  • How to ask for and write recommendations
  • Use LinkedIn to connect and strengthen your professional network.

About the Facilitator

Melissa Emmerson is a sessional Lecturer and tutor in Marketing in the School of Business and Law. Melissa has spent 15 years as a marketing practitioner and educator with a strong focus in digital marketing and has successfully developed effective online and offline marketing strategies. She has created and executed fully integrated marketing, branding and communication campaigns and projects for corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors.

Further information

Please contact the Executive Education team on

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