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Project Scheduling and Control

This 3-day intensive professional development workshop will focus on industry standard scheduling techniques that are vital to projects. Without correct scheduling, nothing or nobody is managing the project and it will certainly fail. Scheduling defines the milestones and deliverables to be achieved for the successful completion of the project. Monitoring and controlling the schedule provides an idea of the impact any problems are having on the project, and creates opportunities to enhance or reduce the scope of a milestone/phase in the project. It also provides a medium for continuous feedback on how the project is progressing and highlights if there are any issues that need to be dealt with. Effective project scheduling plays a crucial role in ensuring project success. In this program you will learn how to keep projects on track, get accurate estimates relating to time and cost of the project’s activities, and discover how to set realistic time frames, assign resources appropriately and manage the resultant schedule. You will learn the link between project scope, the work breakdown structure, the project network and the formal schedule. You will also look at techniques to speed up the project or cut costs when necessary.

Why this course is for you

This workshop provides you with a working understanding of how what scheduling and controls are required to ensure outcomes that are to time and budget. You may already be a project manager or your role may have evolved to include such responsibilities but you have never received formal training. Arm yourself with knowledge that will change the way you approach your next project so that your professional reputation remains undamaged and you meet or exceed your stakeholder’s expectations.

Course overview

  • Understanding the techniques and methods of project estimating
  • Developing a project schedule and budget
  • Understanding how to schedule with budget control and tracking
  • Learn the difference between traditional scheduling and newer techniques such as Critical Chain or Agile project management

Choose your study outcome

Professional Development

Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation at the successful completion of the 3-day intensive program.

Professional Development with University Credit

Participants who complete some additional work and assessments will be eligible for one unit of credit into ECU’s Graduate Certificate of Project Management – endorsed by Australian Institute of Project Management.

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this course by email:

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