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Strategic Thinking for Small Business

Learn how to think strategically when it comes to your business. At its heart, strategy is about trade-offs – recognising that it is not possible to pursue all opportunities that present themselves. But which pathway should your business take when faced with a significant dilemma?

Why this course is for you

There is a well-known phrase that as owners and managers of a business, you need to spend ‘more time working on the business than working in the business’. But how do you work ‘on the business’, and how can you ensure that this time is put to good use?

If your business would benefit from a well-defined strategic direction that can be clearly and easily articulated to all stakeholders from employees to financial backers/potential investors, then these workshops will provide a basis for creating a clear strategy that can be presented as a business model.

These workshops are suitable for all owners/managers of small businesses that need to think and act more strategically.

Course overview

The two workshops are designed to take participants through a series of practical steps that allow participants to develop a business model as a way of presenting the core components of their strategy. The key areas covered are:

  • Understanding how your propensity for risk impacts strategy
  • How a mission and vision can create a fundamental sense of direction
  • How to analyse a firm’s competitive environment
  • Market analysis and market segmentation
  • Leveraging a firm’s strengths and recognising/overcoming key weaknesses
  • Building a business model and structuring the choices that allow this to become a reality

Further Information

To register visit the Small Business Development Corporation Eventbrite page.

Please note this page will be updated frequently by the SBDC with workshop dates and venues. For any general enquiries regarding this workshop please contact the SBL Executive Education team on

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