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Strategic Networking

Have you ever wondered why some people’s careers’ progress further and more rapidly than yours, despite you being better-qualified or having more experience?

Maybe people are unaware of your skills, experience and capacity?

Networking is an effective tactic for you to articulate your competencies, hear about upcoming career opportunities and help you remain “current” within your industry sector and amongst your peers.

Why is this for you

Strategic Networking will suit both those who enjoy networking and those who are unsure of the benefits of investing the time in it.

Regardless of how your career is progressing, there are people who might need to know more about your successes.

Program overview

In this fun, interactive and highly practical workshop we explore:

  • why networking is vital for you and your organisation
  • aspects of networking and a self-assessment
  • strategies to comfortably build your network
  • 12 tips and tricks for more effective networking

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this course by email:

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