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Using data loggers to promote scientific inquiry in the classroom

This course provides you with the basics of how to set up and use a data logger, and to use a variety of probeware to promote authentic inquiry in the classroom.

You’ll leave with a full set of instructions and a range of examples of classroom-ready science investigations across areas including, biological, chemical and physical processes.

The course will give you:

  • an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of a data logger for scientific inquiry in the classroom
  • the ability to set up and use a data logger, including some probeware
  • the chance to design, implement and evaluate a data logging activity suitable for your classroom context.

This 3-hour course is delivered in face-to-face mode

Why this course is for you

You’re interested in a highly practical course so you can develop the skills of using a data logger for conducting scientific investigations with your students. This course is targeted towards those teachers who have never used a data logger. A data logger enables the real-time display of data, including an array of graphical representations useful for analysis with your students at a later time. This opens rich opportunities in the classroom for scientific reasoning through ‘graph –talk’.

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this course by email:

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