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Carbon geo-sequestration

This short course provides a broad overview on carbon geo-sequestration (CGS). It introduces basic concepts and processes from downstream processing to upstream CO2 disposal in geologic formations. Opportunities and challenges associated with CGS will be discussed, and several case studies will be presented.

Why this program is for you

The climate change has become a serious issue and arisen global concerns. CGS is one of the most effective method to control the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This course can be widely applicable for engineers, scientist, politicians, economists, actuaries, geoscientists, geologists, energy specialists etc.

Program content

During this three-day course, you can expect to learn:

  • Carbon geo-sequestration technology
  • Opportunities and challenges associated with carbon geo-sequestration
  • Risks related to implementing (or not implementing) carbon geo-sequestration

Register your interest

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