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Petroleum Engineering for non-Petroleum Engineers

This short course provides a broad overview on Petroleum Engineering, for people with no background in Petroleum Engineering, ranging from petroleum geology to production optimisation. It introduces the upstream oil and gas industry, its challenges, and the techniques Petroleum Engineers deploy to overcome the issues. The course also reviews methods for exploration, reserve estimation, production and recovery improvement.

Why this program is for you

This course gives a general but informative introduction about Petroleum Engineering, which can be very useful for non-petroleum engineers who works in the related fields, such as geoscientists, geologists, energy specialists etc.

Program content

During this three-day course, you can expect to understand:

  • Upstream oil and gas industry challenges
  • Petroleum Engineers’ roles and responsibilities
  • Techniques for oil and gas production

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this course by email:

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