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Reservoir wettability and its implications on hydrocarbon production and carbon geo-sequestration

This short course introduces the concept of reservoir wettability and illustrates the importance of this parameter for hydrocarbon production and CO2 geo-sequestration schemes. Variability in reservoir wettability and the underlying mechanisms will be discussed and case studies will be presented. The course is designed for people who already have some background in Geology and/or Petroleum Engineering.

Why this program is for you

This course specifically focuses on the impact of reservoir wettability on the Carbon Geo-sequestration efficiency. It can be very useful for a variety of engineers, geoscientists, geologists, energy specialists in related projects.

Program content

During this three-day course, you can expect to learn:

  • Wettability phenomenon in oil and gas reservoirs
  • Impact of wettability on hydrocarbon production and carbon geo-sequestration
  • Wettability modification techniques for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and CO2 geo-sequestration purposes

Register your interest

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