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Cyber Security Awareness

The global cost of data breaches is predicted to be $2.1 trillion by 2019.

If you’ve never been the victim of an internet virus or a hacker, you might be tempted to disregard the whole subject as scare-mongering. However, protecting your systems has never been more important. Ransomware has upped the stakes in cybersecurity where you can find your computer systems literally taken hostage. More than ever, businesses and individuals need to know how to be less vulnerable against such attacks.

Cyber security is becoming a key topic for many organisations, governments and executives. The threat landscape has evolved significantly over the past 20 years. Each of these risks can adversely affect competitive positioning and shareholder value, as well as public confidence and trust in the market. (Australian Information Security Association, 2016).

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop you’ll explore the world of cyber-security, what can go wrong, the human elements, and realistic, practical strategies you can implement in your workplace.

Why this workshop is for you

Protecting your information is critical to the sustainability and competitiveness of your organisation.  Increasingly, as a middle or senior manager, small business owner or executive, you’ll need to know more about cyber-risk mitigation strategies and how to implement them into work practices of your team and organisation.

Why ECU?

Edith Cowan University, is one of just two Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence in Australia, and the only one in WA.

ECU is maintaining its offer to study Cyber Security at bachelor’s degree level, but expanding its reach to offer short courses to those already in the workforce.

Attending this workshop means you’ll be learning from internationally-recognised experts in the cyber security field.

Course Overview

In this 1-day interactive workshop you’ll cover theoretical content, take part in hands-on activities and contribute to seminar discussions around best practice.

  • Cyber security overview
  • The human factor
  • Information classification and privacy
  • Security management
  • Cyber crime - A live-hack demo will be provided to demonstrate the attack surface of an organisation
  • Protective mechanisms - Building on the live-hack demo, counter-measures will be discussed and wider lessons considered

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this course by email:

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