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Study & enrolment loads

Full-time / Part-time study loads

If you are studying on Student visa, you are expected to enrol in a study load that will enable you to complete your course in the registered duration as specified on your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). This generally means that you would need to enrol in 60 Credit Points per semester or a 100% load. In addition, if you decide to take off-campus units, you must not exceed one third (33%) achievable credit of your course in off-campus units and you must always be in at least one on-campus unit each semester.

You MUST seek approval for a reduced study load where you are likely to exceed your course duration. This practice will ensure your eligibility for an extension COE.

Please note that some courses may have summer school units which may provide additional study options.

Here is an example to help explain:

ECU issues you a COE for 3 years to undertake a Bachelor of Business. This COE enables the Department of Home Affairs to issue you a 3-year student visa and enables you to come to Australia to study. If you do not enrol in a 100%-load (60 Credit Points per semester), you are unlikely to complete your course in 3 years. Should this be necessary, you will require an extension COE to obtain a new Visa from the Department. Education providers, like ECU, are restricted from issuing a new COE, except in limited circumstances. Thus, it is imperative that you enrol in a 100%-load each semester.

Approving reductions in study load

ECU can grant you an approval for a reduced study load if you are at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress requirements or if you have compassionate or compelling circumstances.

If you wish to apply for a reduced load, you must seek approval from a Student Success Officer at the Student Hub.

Enrolment loads for International students policy

You can view the Enrolment loads for international students policy on our website.

A summary of the main rules follows:

  1. You must enrol in a study load that will enable course completion in the registered duration as specified on your COE. In most cases, this will be 60 credit points of study per semester.
  2. Any reduction in your study load that leads you to being unable to complete your course within the duration of your COE MUST be approved by Student Success, and recorded on your student record.
  3. You are permitted to enrol in off-campus units according to the following guidelines:    
    • You must be enrolled in at least one (1) on-campus unit in each of the semester 1 and 2 study periods; and
    • The total proportion of off-campus units enrolled in during your course must not exceed one third (33%) of the total units or equivalent required for your course completion.

There are only limited circumstances in which ECU can issue you a new COE so you can extend you student visas. These circumstances are:

  • Compassionate and compelling circumstances (for example illness where a medical certificate states that you were unable to attend classes; where ECU was unable to offer a pre-requisite unit; and failure of a small number of units).
  • If ECU implement an intervention strategy for you because you are at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress requirements.
  • An approved deferment or suspension of study.

If you are not enrolled as per the enrolment load for International students policy, you must take the following action:

Reduced load

  • You must select sufficient units to enable course completion in its registered duration or
  • You must seek approval for a reduced load

Off-campus units

  • You must select at least 1 on-campus unit per semester
  • If you have reached the one third (33%) off-campus unit maximum limit you must enrol in entirely On-Campus units. If this is not possible you should seek immediate assistance from a Student Succses Officer at the Student Hub.

Note: If you have left Australia and are now studying offshore, you must advise us immediately so that we can update your records accordingly.

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