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Mid-Year Study

Start your mid-year study at ECU

At ECU we think everyone has the potential to be whatever they want. We help all kinds of students to consider their options for entry into university. One of those options is being able to start a course in mid-year, or Semester 2 in July. Why wait until Semester 1 comes around each year? Start university now.

Why ECU?


What can you study from mid-year?

Just about anything! Here's a list of courses to choose from, grouped into our eight study areas.

Within each study area you can choose an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. And within most undergraduate degree courses, you can choose a specialisation, or major.

Become World Ready

At ECU we attract lots of students who aren't fresh out of Year 12.

That's because we offer different options for entry into our undergraduate programs.

These include our Experience Based Entry Scheme or UniPrep, both of which can lead you to a degree course.

You could also be awarded credits, based on previous study or training.

ECU offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses and our facilities are some of the best you'll find at any university in Australia.
A quick overview of ECU’s campuses and facilities.


  • "I was given the opportunity to work with the best professionals in the teaching field"
    Elana Nicholson
    Elana NicholsonEarly Childhood Education graduate

    I chose ECU because they have the best reputation for teacher education. My time at ECU has been life changing. I was given the opportunity to work with the best professionals in my field, with years of international experience. These professionals will go the extra mile to assist you – and make a real difference to your education.

    My prac was spent in Perth metropolitan schools, learning how schools and our communities work together to benefit all. I have observed, organised and taught. This first-hand experience has been vital for my development as an Early Childhood teacher and will no doubt benefit me throughout my career.

  • "My course gave me lots of hands-on experience"
    Zigourney Nielsen
    Zigourney NielsenECU Biological Sciences student

    I’ve always been passionate about wildlife and the environment, so I chose to study Biological Sciences at ECU. Before starting my studies, I didn’t know how hands‑on my course would be.

    I’ve participated in a lot of lab work, been able to use modern equipment and even gone on camps as well. The lecturers have been amazing. They are so enthusiastic about the subjects they teach and are extremely knowledgeable.

  • "When I enrolled at ECU, little did I know that it would lead to me being a part of something historic"
    Jacqueline Harkness
    Jacqueline HarknessSport, Recreation and Event Management

    In my last semester of my Sport, Recreation and Event Management course I got an industry placement in the Events Department of the Fremantle Dockers Football Club.

    Due to my positive work ethic, I was offered casual employment. When Fremantle made it to their first ever home preliminary final, it was so exciting to be a part of it all! On the Thursday before the finals I was suddenly asked to fly over to Melbourne to fill in for a permanent staff member. For the Grand Final, I was in charge of managing security, caterers and audio technicians.

    All the skills and theory I picked up in my years at ECU helped me play a part in running the biggest function the club ever had – their historic first grand final.

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