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Mid-Year Study

Start your study mid-year at ECU

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to reorganise some of our teaching arrangements. However, we're now able to safely move most of our learning back on campus for the start of Semester 2 on 27 July.

So please don't put off that dream of university study!

This page contains information about Semester 2 courses, as well as FAQs about study arrangements and other COVID-19 related changes.

Why ECU?

Mid-year FAQs

Latest answers to common questions about studying in Semester 2 and beyond.


What can you study in Semester 2 2020?

Most of our courses will be offered in Semester 2. However, you may find that some courses with mandatory practical units aren't being offered until 2021 as they can't be completely taught online.

If you planned to study one of those courses, please talk to us.

Here's a list of courses to choose from, grouped into our eight study areas.

Within each study area you can choose an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. And within most undergraduate degree courses, you can choose a specialisation, or major.

Become World Ready

At ECU we attract lots of students who aren't fresh out of Year 12

That's because we offer different options for entry into our undergraduate programs.

These include our Experience Based Entry Scheme or UniPrep, both of which can lead you to a degree course.

You could also be awarded credits, based on previous study or training.

ECU offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses and our facilities are some of the best you'll find at any university in Australia.
A quick overview of ECU's campuses and facilities.


  • "ECU’s School of Education has friendly and knowledgeable lecturers with industry experience"
    ECU Early Childhood Education student Sally Strang
    Sally StrangECU Early Childhood Education student

    I have always been passionate about teaching but never considered studying at university as my family still needed me at home. I had already heard that ECU was an excellent university for Education courses, but seeing ECU students on practicum placement at my children’s school and the fact that my children are now old enough to walk to and from school is what influenced me to pursue full time study.

    ECU’s School of Education has friendly and knowledgeable lecturers with industry experience which really adds credibility to the content I am being taught. I am learning so much about how to be a good educator while establishing strong professional relationships with lecturers and tutors.

    I am loving the campus experience and making a lot of new friends, and I am really grateful for the annual practicum placement opportunities that ECU offers. It gives me an accurate look into a classroom through the educator’s eyes. I can’t wait to begin my career in teaching.

  • "I wanted the opportunity to work anywhere in Australia as well as overseas"
    Meghann LavertyParamedical Science student

    When I applied for Paramedical Science at ECU, it was the only university in WA offering the nationally-accredited course and I've stayed because of the industry partnerships with St John Ambulance Northern Territory and Falck.

    I really enjoy working with the lecturers; they all have practical experience out on road and within the industry so they can continually educate us, while providing a lot of guidance and support.

  • "Studying Criminology & Justice at ECU can prepare you for a wide range of occupations"
    Declan Brooks-CrewCriminology & Justice student

    This course takes learnings from fields like Psychology, Social Science and Forensics and applies them to the world of crime. ECU Criminology & Justice student Declan Brooks-Crew tells us more.

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