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Mid-Year Study

Start your mid-year study at ECU

At ECU we think everyone has the potential to be whatever they want. We help all kinds of students to consider their options for entry into university. One of those options is being able to start a course in mid-year, or Semester 2 in July. Why wait until Semester 1 comes around each year? Start university now.

Why ECU?


What can you study from mid-year?

Just about anything! Here's a list of courses to choose from, grouped into our eight study areas.

Within each study area you can choose an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. And within most undergraduate degree courses, you can choose a specialisation, or major.

Become World Ready

At ECU we attract lots of students who aren't fresh out of Year 12.

That's because we offer different options for entry into our undergraduate programs.

These include our Experience Based Entry Scheme or UniPrep, both of which can lead you to a degree course.

You could also be awarded credits, based on previous study or training.

ECU offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses and our facilities are some of the best you'll find at any university in Australia.
A quick overview of ECU’s campuses and facilities.


  • "WAAPA’s arts management course made me work-ready"
    Katherena Lambestos, Partnerships & Events Assistant at Opera Australia and WAAPA Arts Management graduate.
    Katherena LambestosWAAPA Arts Management graduate

    WAAPA is the only institution in the country that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management. I really wanted to study in this area and loved the fact that I could do it in a setting where I was immersed in the arts.

    The course has such a strong history of successful graduates and a large network of alumni, so I knew I would be in great company and receive an excellent platform to launch a career in the arts.

  • "During my prac placements I made some great working relationships"
    ECU Secondary education student, Lisa-marie McLachlan
    Lisa-marie McLachlanSecondary Education (Physical Education) student

    Teaching was something I always wanted to do. I had already studied my undergrad degree at ECU so I jumped at the opportunity to further my career with a postgrad degree.

    The lecturers at ECU have been extremely helpful, even after completing all units they still remain in contact and give sound advice when applying for jobs.

    The facilities are great, with comfortable study nooks, which contributes to making your time at university enjoyable.

    I did a 4-week placement at Greenwood College and a 7-week placement at St Hilda’s Anglican School. It was great to work with two different schools, and to learn how to apply general teaching materials in different ways has been useful.

    During my prac placements I made some great working relationships that will assist me with job opportunities in the future. Without this practicum experience, I would not have the understanding I have today to go forward with confidence in my teaching career.

  • "I constantly find myself looking at signs and symbols and thinking, oh, this could be designed better"
    Aimee Chappell
    Aimee ChappellECU Design graduate

    And thinking, "What if we did this?" I was always a visual artist and I just wanted to figure out a way to get a consistent income working in that field.

    Through the units in my degree, especially the Fremantle-based unit, The Happiness Project, I realised it wasn't just about graphic design. For me, it's about design communication, designing systems and figuring out how to help people – asking why are we doing this? Who does it affect? How is it helpful? Thinking with empathy.

    I'd always wanted to help people, but I never thought as a creative that I would find a way to both earn an income and do that.

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