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Mid-Year Study

Start your mid-year study at ECU

At ECU we think everyone has the potential to be whatever they want. We help all kinds of students to consider their options for entry into university. One of those options is being able to start a course in mid-year, or Semester 2 in July. Why wait until Semester 1 comes around each year? Start university now.

Why ECU?


What can you study from mid-year?

Just about anything! Here's a list of courses to choose from, grouped into our eight study areas.

Within each study area you can choose an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. And within most undergraduate degree courses, you can choose a specialisation, or major.

Become World Ready

At ECU we attract lots of students who aren't fresh out of Year 12.

That's because we offer different options for entry into our undergraduate programs.

These include our Experience Based Entry Scheme or UniPrep, both of which can lead you to a degree course.

You could also be awarded credits, based on previous study or training.

ECU offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses and our facilities are some of the best you'll find at any university in Australia.
A quick overview of ECU’s campuses and facilities.


  • "WAAPA has led to opportunities I would never have thought realistic three years ago"
    Alex Beard
    Alexander BeardBachelor of Performing Arts student

    This is largely thanks to the incredible work of the staff who go out of their way to help each student realise their ambitions. The most rewarding parts of the course, so far, for me have been devising and performing a solo piece, working with James Berlyn on Memory Bones at His Majesty’s Theatre. And also the study tour to the Intercultural Theatre Institute in Singapore in early 2017.

    If you’re interested in writing, directing, performing and/or running your own theatre company, this is the course for you.

  • "WAAPA sets you up with a solid foundation to build your career"
    Jesse Hutchings
    Jesse HutchingsWAAPA Sound graduate

    The course covered everything from technical knowledge to crucial people-managing skills, when dealing with musicians or fellow workers in other departments. It's a great learning environment and the connections I have made from WAAPA have proven invaluable to my career thus far.

  • "Being a mature, international student, I've felt welcome from day one"
    Mandy Rauch
    Mandy RauchWAAPA Arts Management student

    My study experience thus far has only been amazing! One of the things that impresses me the most is the fact that ECU are really committed, being involved in both your study experience as well as your personal well-being. They offer assistance in both and I definitely feel they care about every individual student. The lecturers are the best in my field of study and are engaged with students. Being a mature, international student, I've felt welcome from day one.

    My greatest achievement so far is definitely being accepted to study at WAAPA. I have worked as front-of-house staff for several student productions and volunteered at a few art events. This is an excellent way of getting in contact with organisations and individuals working in the industry. By the time I graduate, I'll have already acquired valuable experience in the field.

    I love the vibrant art scene in Perth – there are a variety of events, lots are for free. Apart from art, Perth offers so much entertainment and relaxation. The parks are beautiful and well kept. I love that fact that I feel safe in Perth and that people respect one another.

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