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Historical and Political Studies Major


History and Politics address some of the most important and contentious issues facing humanity. In this major, students will examine the ideas, structures and processes that drive society at both the national and international level.

One of the primary focuses of this course is the historical and political processes and patterns that have structured the relationship between individuals and communities. Emphasis is placed on assisting students to understand the nature of contemporary political challenges and the role of leadership, the media, corporate interests, public opinion and grassroots political movements in framing and addressing these challenges. In addition there is a focus on the role understanding our history can play in informing solutions to these issues. While the focus is global, thematic and interdisciplinary, specialist units are offered in Australian, European and Chinese politics. The major offers students the opportunity to build links between pressing contemporary issues that are impacting on global politics and international relations whilst contextualising them through a historical lens that situates the discipline as a rigorous and evidence-based approach among the multiple narratives to help frame our understanding of politics and history.



Availability & Campus

JO - Joondalup BU - South West ML - Mount Lawley OL - Online



Students must complete eight (8) units totalling 120 credit points:

Year 1 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
HIS1107Australian History: Colonisation, Nationalism and Identity 15
Year 1 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
POL1106Ideas that have Shaped the Modern World15
Year 2 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
POL2105Australian Government: The Challenges of a Modern Democracy15
Year 2 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
HIS2105War and Peace15
Year 3 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
HIS3107Currents of Modernity: Challenges and Transitions in Europe and America15
HIS3108Leadership and Strategy: Studies in the Exercise of Power 15
Year 3 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
POL3111Political Violence: From the French Revolution to Modern Terrorism15
HIS3180Modern China: The Rise of a Superpower15

For more detailed unit information for this Major take a look at our Handbook. To organise your life for next semester visit the Semester timetable.

Student handbook


Learning Outcomes

  1. CLOs and mapping completed at course level and can be located in the new Bachelor of Arts proposal.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities

This major is useful for a wide range of careers including the public service, journalism, policy/research positions with political parties, and with national and international non-government agencies.

Possible future job titles

Research/Policy Officer, Journalist, State/Federal Member of Parliament Employee, Diplomatic Servant, Historian, Researcher, Politician, Public Servant, Policy Analyst, Political Staffer, Consultant, Mining Company Analyst, Historical Film Advisor, Heritage Consultant, Teacher

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