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Human Biology Major


Offers students the opportunity to focus on issues of health and disease.

It combines the traditional interests of Human Biologists, including genetics, anatomy and physiology and evolution, with a biomedical analysis of the human condition.



Availability & Campus

JO - Joondalup BU - South West ML - Mount Lawley OL - Online



Note: Units listed below that are core of your program (course) cannot be counted towards this Major.

The Human Biology Major is eight (8) units consisting of: Students may select up to four (4) units from:

Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MHS1101 ^Anatomy and Physiology 115
MHS1102 ^Anatomy and Physiology 215
SCH1104 ^Introduction to Pathophysiology15
SCH1105 ^Introduction to Pharmacology15
SCH1111 ^Fundamental Biomedical Techniques15
SCH1132 ^Human Evolution and Ecology15
SCH1133 ^Human Genetics15
Students must complete at least two (2) units from:
SCH2111 ^Applied Physiology15
SCH2141 ^Advanced Biomedical Techniques15
SCH2142 ^Forensic Genetics15
SCH2226 ^Human Molecular Genetics15
SCH2232 ^Medical Biochemistry15
SCH2235 ^Applied Microbiology15
Students must complete at least two (2) units from:
SCH3145 ^Biomedical Ethics15
SCH3223 ^Medical Genetics15
SCH3227 ^The Biology of Human Disease15
SCH3239 ^Human Immunology15
SCH3244 ^Developmental Biology15
SCH3434 ^Human Reproduction, Development and Ageing15
MMS3101 ^Evolutionary Perspectives on Health and Disease15

^ Core Option

For more detailed unit information for this Major take a look at our Handbook. To organise your life for next semester visit the Semester timetable.

Student handbook


Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply broad discipline knowledge to a range of theoretical and practical human biology issues.
  2. Communicate human biology knowledge and ideas clearly, coherently and with independence.
  3. Demonstrate ethical judgement and global perspectives with respect for cultural diversity.
  4. Demonstrate initiative and independent judgement to anticipate human biology challenges and generate sustainable solutions.
  5. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for personal and professional scholarship.
  6. Think critically to analyse, interpret and conceptualise complex human biology problems.
  7. Use digital and laboratory technologies to access, evaluate and synthesise human biology information from diverse sources.
  8. Work collaboratively and demonstrate professionalism in the application of knowledge and skills.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities

Human biology is a dynamic field that provides practical, specialised knowledge across fields including anatomy and physiology, genetics, development, anthropology, and biochemistry that forms the basis for many clinical, laboratory, research and educational careers.

Possible future job titles

Medical Scientists, Research Scientists, Medical Representatives, Research Officers, Research Assistants, Biomedical Technicians, Science Teachers, Lecturers, Scientific Communicators, Medical Administrators

This Major can be studied in the following courses

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