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Engineering - Chemical PhD Unit Set


Researchers in chemical engineering carry out cutting edge research activities in environmental nanotechnology, mineral processing, solar energy conversion to chemical fuels, and water and wastewater treatment.

Specific postgraduate research topics can be developed through communications with prospective supervisors or the Associate Dean Research in the School of Engineering. This major is designed for applicants who are interested in: Desalination processes powered by renewable energy; Nanoparticle-polymer composites for the remediation of polluted water; Nanofiltration membrane synthesis and application in water treatment; Photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to chemical fuels; and Wetland ecosystem assessment and engineered wetland for water pollution control.

Special entry requirements

It is desirable that all applicants do not contact potential supervisors before applying. Applicants will be matched with a suitable supervisor if successful in gaining course admission.



Availability & Campus

JO - Joondalup BU - South West ML - Mount Lawley OL - Online


Important notes

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities

Academia, Government Agencies, Consultancies, Manufacturing and processing industries

Possible future job titles

Environmental nanotechnology, Nanofiltration, Photocatalysis, Pollution control, Mineral processing

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