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Stem Study

"It is predicted that in coming years, approximately 75% of all new jobs will require qualifications and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics."- WA Dept of Education

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STEM Study at ECU

While things are slowly changing, women continue to be underrepresented across the defined STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

At ECU, we have four study areas where you can choose from a wide range of STEM courses. Scroll down to find out more.

Why ECU?


What can you study here?

To help our domestic and international students with a career direction, we group similar fields of work into study areas.

Within the four study areas below you'll find both undergraduate (first degree) and postgraduate courses in the range of STEM fields.

Study courses online

At ECU, we understand that many people want to study, but have commitments like work and family that can make it hard to get to lectures.

It's why many of our undergraduate courses can be studied online.

Our study areas

At ECU we have a diverse range of study areas, including the four study areas that offer STEM courses. So, whether you already have a field of interest, or you're still deciding, you have plenty of options – as a domestic or international student.

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World Ready experience

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our students have to say about why they chose to study at ECU.

Natural Sciences
Civil Engineering
Cyber Security
Broadcasting and Journalism
Exercise and Sports Science


  • "Field experience and flexibility"
    Holly WinkleMarine and Freshwater Biology student

    Environmental Science and Marine and Biology student Holly Winkle talks about having the flexibility to study across disciplines.

  • "My ECU degree gave me the flexibility to gain a wide range of skills that enable success in the world of business"
    Kohen Grogan
    Kohen GroganECU Communication graduate & Founder, Yappy Group

    The reason I chose a Bachelor of Communication at ECU was because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. There was flexibility within the course – instead of forcing me to specialise straight away, I had the chance to try a range of disciplines and then pick the areas I was most interested in.

    I even did some acting units from WAAPA. Being able to communicate effectively and speak in public is such an important skill to learn.

  • "WAAPA’s Arts Management course really helped me find my place in the arts industry"
    WAAPA Arts Management graduate, Harriet Roberts
    Harriet RobertsWAAPA Arts Management graduate

    I have always craved an active role within the performing arts, but had no idea in what capacity this could be, I trusted the course to guide me in the right direction, and it did.

    For me, the course operated in a two-fold way through building my theoretical knowledge of the practicalities of arts administration in the lecture room, and in pushing me to volunteer in intern positions in the industry to gain practical experience.

    It was so beneficial to have the WAAPA name behind me when seeking these opportunities for development, enabling me to expand my networks and connections in the local industry. Ultimately, this led to my current position of Associate Producer at the Blue Room Theatre.

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