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Have you enrolled correctly?

When you've completed your enrolment in SIMO, select Study Timetable on the left-hand side. If all the units and activities you've enrolled in appear here, then you're good to go.

If you've enrolled in units running on either a Saturday or Sunday, please check the times and location of the unit by viewing the Semester Timetable.

Make sure you print your timetable to keep a record of your enrolment.

Important In the lead-up to your first week at uni, please check your new student email to be sure none of your classes or locations have changed. Sometimes we change these things to better balance the numbers of students enrolled in classes.

If you get stuck anytime, please contact our Student Hub at or call them on 134 328, or (+61 8) 6304 0000 (from overseas).

You can also visit the Student Hub from 8.30am to 5.00pm on each campus.


Ngoolark Building 34, Level 1

Mount Lawley

Building 3, Room 159

South West

Building 1 Reception
(until 4pm only)

Need a Confirmation of Enrolment?

If you're a domestic student, you may need an official Confirmation of Enrolment to show to an employer or for Centrelink, or other purposes.

You can access this from your SIMO account by going to the menu link under the 'Enrolment' section.

If you're an international student, you'll need your Confirmation of Enrolment as proof of your intention to study in Australia to obtain a Student Visa.

If your unit information isn’t available before the start of semester, you should speak to your lecturer during your first class about whether unit materials will be available through Blackboard.

I can’t confirm my activities in SIMO

You may be unable to confirm your activities because:

  • you haven’t selected a mandatory activity item
  • the classes you’ve selected clash, i.e. you have two classes running at the same time OR
  • all the classes are full and you’re unable to select a time.
Important If you haven't confirmed your activities for a unit, you're not yet enrolled in that unit. It's important that you complete this step.

If you're having difficulty confirming your activities for a unit, you should delete the unit. This will allow you to complete your enrolment in your other units. Once you've confirmed the activities for all your other units, you should attempt to enrol into your remaining unit(s).

If your activities for a specific unit are full, you might want to check for available classes at another ECU campus, or see if the unit can be studied online.

How do I know if my unit is available in Blackboard?

All of your units are usually available in Blackboard a week before semester starts. You can check by logging into the Student Portal and accessing the Blackboard link under 'Easy Logins'.

Your unit will be listed under 'My Units' on the Blackboard home page.

Note You may not see your unit listed until the week prior to your semester starting.

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What does
that mean?
Here's a quick guide to some of the things we mention during the Enrolling stage.
  • Blackboard is your new friend. It's an online suite of tools to enhance and extend your learning experience, as well as providing some efficiencies for our teaching staff. Blackboard contains unit outline documents and study information for the units you're enrolled in.

    Blackboard sites will generally provide you with:

    • lecturer contact details
    • important announcements
    • unit outlines
    • lecture notes
    • assignment submission areas

    If you're studying a unit online, it provides you with all the materials you need for that unit, including completing tasks and assignments, using the discussion board, blogs, journals, wikis and ePortfolios.

  • A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is issued by us to overseas students and must accompany an application for a student visa. It confirms the student's eligibility to enrol in the particular course of the registered provider.

    For domestic students, it's a confirmation of your current enrolment. You can get your CoE through SIMO.

  • Your semester timetable outlines which semesters a unit will be taught in, the campus/es, and other information, like who's coordinating the unit.

    To display details for a particular unit, you’ll need to enter the Unit Code, Unit Title or select a School from the drop down list and press the Search button.

    It looks like this: Semester Timetable home page

    Also see 'Student handbook'.

  • SIMO is short for 'Student Information Management Online'. It sounds better too!

    SIMO is the system you’ll access through the Student Portal to:

    • enrol and re-enrol;
    • obtain your class timetable;
    • see your exam times and dates;
    • view your results; and
    • view your Statement of Account.