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Orientation is a free program of activities to help you get ready to study as a new ECU student.

Participating in Orientation will help you familiarise yourself with your campus, our support services and facilities, as well as getting important information about your chosen course. If your orientation is on-campus, you might also meet your new classmates!

Welcome from our Vice-Chancellor

When is Orientation?

Orientation, sometimes called 'O Week' starts one week before the commencement of lectures.

We have O Week at the start of Semesters 1 and 2, and for Summer School in November, because many of our courses can be started in different teaching periods.

You can check the start dates on our Important dates page.

Summer School Orientation

If you’re commencing your studies in Summer School, please access the online orientation in our Blackboard application.

Online Orientation

Semester 1 and 2 Orientation events

At the start of Semesters 1 and 2, there's a program of events for O Week. Go to the Booking and changing activities page, then work through the activities and make your bookings. You'll get a confirmation email for each successful booking.

Booking events

Make the most of O Week. Register for as many activities as you can. Check our program and book events that will help you personally, like a Maths refresher, as well as the essential ones, like Course Inductions.


Some Orientation activities will be run on-campus with small groups of students during the first few weeks of semester. You can register for these sessions via the Orientation booking page.


What does
that mean?
Here's a quick guide to some of the things we mention during the Orientation stage.
  • Blackboard is your new friend. It's an online suite of tools to enhance and extend your learning experience, as well as providing some efficiencies for our teaching staff. Blackboard contains unit outline documents and study information for the units you're enrolled in.

    Blackboard sites will generally provide you with:

    • lecturer contact details
    • important announcements
    • unit outlines
    • lecture notes
    • assignment submission areas

    If you're studying a unit online, it provides you with all the materials you need for that unit, including completing tasks and assignments, using the discussion board, blogs, journals, wikis and ePortfolios.

  • Your course induction session (also known as school induction) is an Orientation event that provides you with specific information and study requirements for your course – including book lists, important dates, unit advice, practicum requirements (if applicable), as well as an opportunity to meet staff and students in your school.

    As a minimum, you're expected to attend a Get Set for ECU session and your course induction during Orientation. International students are also expected to attend the International Student Fundamentals.

  • This is your official welcome to ECU as part of Orientation. This session is all about helping you transition to university life and is essential for all commencing students. It's fun, informative, empowering and designed to help you Get Set for ECU. Register at the Orientation webpage.

  • If your course requires you to graduate with recognised working or practical experience, then you'll be required to complete a practicum placement.

    This is when you complete a practical, workplace experience as part of your studies.

    During your practicum placement, you're expected to meet the same work conditions as a normal member of staff. You won't be paid for your practicum work, but it's a great way to add to your CV and to build networks in your chosen field. It can also lead to employment after you graduate.

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