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Image of three young children reading.
Featured in | The Conversation

Buying picture books as Christmas presents? These stories with diverse characters can help kids develop empathy

When children see characters and stories reflecting their background, they can develop a stronger sense of identity. Research also shows reading books with diverse characters and story-lines helps children develop a greater understanding and appreciation of people different to themselves. Dr Helen Adam has some suggestions of diverse picture books to buy kids this Christmas.

Image of female superhero.

Why are female-led superhero films stuck in the past?

Lead female characters are becoming more visible in superhero films, contributing to increasing diversity in the genre, which is certainly worth celebrating. However, a pattern of locating feminist perspectives in the past is emerging, potentially portraying feminism as outdated and irrelevant in the present day.

Image of parent consoling teen.
Featured in | The Conversation

40% of year 12s suffer high anxiety. At exam time, here’s what parents can do to help

Previous research has shown that more than 40 per cent of Year 12 students experience anxiety symptoms high enough to be of clinical concern. Parents can feel hopeless when their child is experiencing the huge emotional burden of preparing for their final exams. Sometimes our best intentions may make our children (and ourselves) feel worse.  Eimear Quigley writes about the ways parents can support their children through this difficult time.

Caroline Finch is a blonde woman wearing glasses and smiling at camera

Behind the numbers

From collecting stamps and organising dolls as a child, a fascination with order and patterns has led Edith Cowan University’s Professor Caroline Finch to rise to the top of the research work in sports injury prevention and recovery.

looking out a plane's window into a glowing sunset

Another year of hard borders could crush the tourism sector

Australia is among the most affected countries by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of tourism revenue loss. More flexible, strategic and differentiating international border policies are needed to avoid significant damage to the tourism industry.

Featured in | The Conversation

Curious Kids: how does a virus stop?

While some viruses gradually disappear, most viruses are actually really clever at finding ways to hide, just waiting for an opportunity to come back.

Featured in | The Conversation

It's OK to be OK: how to stop feeling 'survivor guilt' during COVID-19

While mental health advocates and support groups are right to remind people who are struggling that it’s "OK not to be OK" during this pandemic, it's important to remember it's "OK to be OK" too, writes Associate Professor Erin Smith via The Conversation.

Old man in Italian street

World's languages silenced by COVID-19 pandemic

Language has been a silent victim in the COVID-19 pandemic, and ECU language expert warns the damage may be irreparable. Dr Annamaria Paolino, a language researcher in ECU’s School of Education reflected on how the loss of the world’s older generations could affect the language and culture of nations.

Candle burning in a dark room

10 ways to process grief after a death during a global pandemic

ECU Lecturer and Psychotherapist Karen Anderson has used key research and her own observations working on the frontline of counselling to explain the impact of this pandemic on the grief process, and how we can better manage our grief when the usual rites of passage are not possible.

woman walking by river

How green space can keep the blues at bay

How can you keep your mind and body strong while stuck at home during COVID-19? Ecology and health expert Professor Pierre Horwitz from Edith Cowan University believes the key is to get outside and breathe some fresh air.

two people doing exercise at home

Tips for seniors to stick with exercises at home

In these challenging times we all need to create a new reality or ‘new normal’ in our everyday lives. These tips may help seniors maintain their motivation and stick with exercise routines while at home.

man sitting at computer in a dark room

Coronavirus victims of a different nature: The targets of COVID-19 cyberthreats

The panic caused by novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is being exploited by threat actors for phishing and data exfiltration, and malware distribution. The massive increase of remote workers, many of whom apply poor security measures on their computing devices, have opened new avenues for exploitation.

Featured in | The Conversation

How to boost your internet speed when everyone is working from home

With #StayAtHome and social distancing now becoming a way of life, an increasing number of people are relying on the internet for work, education and entertainment. This has placed greater demand on our network infrastructure, reducing the bandwidth available for each user, and is leaving people frustrated at seemingly slow internet speeds.

boy holding his face, wearing a blue hoodie.

When a pandemic strikes in Year 12

Anxiety levels often soar in Year 12, but COVID-19 adds another layer of stress. However, according to ECU Associate Professor Joanne Dickson ‘threats’ also create opportunities, such as developing new skills and the prospect of personal growth.

person working from home

Working from home requires a changing mindset

With remote working becoming an urgent challenge for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor of Work and Wellbeing Tim Bentley explores the pros and cons of working from home.

Featured in | The Conversation

8 tips on what to tell your kids about coronavirus

Stay calm, stick to the facts and talk to your children about your own feelings on coronavirus and COVID-10 disease, according to Dr Mandie Shean via The Conversation.

face mask lying on tiles with 'don't panic' written above

Taking the panic out of pandemic

In the wake of Australia’s first coronavirus-related death on Sunday, the nation now has just a small window of opportunity to avoid hitting the panic button.