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Computer Science PhD Unit Set


In our connected world software is running in the background everywhere - your home, workplace and even in your car. All these are driven by complex systems with trillions of lines of code that have been developed using Computer Science techniques.

Our researchers are innovative and help create better and safer software environments. Through artificial intelligence and computer visualization, they create intelligent solutions in various domains such as serious games, bioinformatics and biometrics. Our researchers are also improving business decisions through the use of web-based intelligent decision support systems. Never before has cyber and digital security been more important. Our researchers are leaders in digital security and forensics. They deliver immediate and high impact outcomes in the areas of computer and digital forensics, network and wireless security, information warfare, physical security, risk management and aviation security. Computer and Security research at ECU concentrates on: Software engineering; Artificial intelligence; Database management; Image processing, Pattern recognition and Biometrics; Data mining; Serious Games; Web design and accessibility. Specific postgraduate research topics related to the above topics are developed in conjunction with the postgraduate coordinator or potential supervisor. The school also places a high emphasis on collaborations with industry, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations, which enhance the postgraduate experience.

Special entry requirements

It is desirable that all applicants contact a potential supervisor to discuss their research project before applying. Information about ECU's Research Institutions, Centres and Supervisors can be found in the school brochures listed on the 'Applying for a Research Degree website or the staff contact page of the relevant School.



Availability & Campus

JO - Joondalup BU - South West ML - Mount Lawley OL - Online


Important notes

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities

Academic and research organisations, Information and technology organisations, Government agencies, Oil, gas and mining organisations, Data Analytics

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