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Postgraduate Study

We understand that your life is already busy, so we offer flexible, convenient part-time and online study for Certificates, Diplomas, Masters and PhDs.

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Postgraduate Study at ECU

Passionate about a particular field of work? Just completed a degree and think you'd like to go onto more study?

Or maybe you've been working as a professional and you're looking for a competitive advantage or even a career change?

Whatever your reason or background, you'll find a wide range of postgraduate courses at ECU, including Graduate Certificates and Diplomas, Masters by coursework and PhDs.

Why ECU?

Fantastic facilities and programs

ECU offers a diverse range of postgraduate courses and our facilities are some of the best you'll find at any university in Australia. We have:

Postgraduate programs are well-supported

At ECU, we understand there's more to your life than being a student.

Many of our postgraduate students also have busy jobs and families that require their full attention.

It's one of the reasons why we offer online and part-time study.

And you can drive to one of our metropolitan campuses from work or home and take advantage of convenient parking.

We also have professionally-accredited Childcare centres on our campuses and our Sport Centres offer short-term crèches during semesters.

Learning Advisers can help you with academic skills and career counsellors can help you plan your future.

Our Graduate Research School also provides loads of support if you're thinking about a research degree.

Pathways to postgrad

There are different entry pathways to postgraduate study at ECU.

If you have a Bachelor's degree and meet the specific admission requirements for your chosen course, you're on your way.

If you don't have a uni degree, your professional work experience could qualify you for entry to a Graduate Certificate course, and, if you're successful, onto a Diploma or a Masters.

Our postgraduate course entry page will help you understand your entry options.


What can you study here?

There are two ways you can study for a postgraduate qualification – by coursework or by research.

The majority of our postgrad coursework disciplines offer Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters level courses.

You can also advance from a Graduate Certificate to a Masters as a natural progression.

A postgraduate research degree involves the production of a written body of work, known as a thesis.

Identifying a topic, developing a proposal, conducting the research and writing the thesis are key stages of a research degree.

Study courses online

At ECU, we understand that everyone is different.

We all have different work arrangements, family responsibilities, locations and learning styles.

That's why we offer the flexibility of studying many of our postgraduate courses online.

This includes everything from a Graduate Diploma to a Masters, and even some doctorates.

Our online students receive our full support, just like their on-campus equivalents. We don't forget you!

Our study areas

At ECU, we group similar fields of work into study areas. As a domestic or international student, you can select a study area that aligns with your field of interest, or choose from our postgraduate study options to see what courses are available.

Download a guide

If you prefer paper over pixels, please download one of our guides.

Become World Ready

Experience Postgraduate Study at ECU.

Postgraduate scholarships

With the support of a scholarship, we can help you realise your ambitions by improving your financial situation and enabling you to successfully complete your course.

A scholarship can make all the difference if you're undertaking longer term study, like a Masters or PhD.

Scholarships are also offered on an annual basis through a range of awards or fellowships outside of ECU.

Realise your dream with our scholarships

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"The lecturers at ECU are fantastic"

Luke Brook, PhD (Computer Science) talks about how he's able to study, help raise 4 kids and hold down a job.


  • "Inspiring children is the greatest feeling in the world"
    Melissa DowdingPrimary Education student

    Melissa Dowding's experiences teaching dance to school students as a choreographer compelled her to pursue a teaching career through studying Primary Education at ECU.

  • "I wanted a complete package for the business world"
    Faisal IshaqMBA International student

    Master of Business Administration International student Faisal Ishaq discusses why he decided to study an MBAI, and why he enjoys studying at ECU and living in Perth.

  • "The opportunity to conduct OHS-related research was a fantastic experience"
    Kim McClean
    Kim McCleanMaster of Occupational Health and Safety graduate and current ECU PhD candidate

    I was drawn to ECU's Master of Occupational Health and Safety as the content seemed so logical and highly relevant to the industry and the workplaces I was employed in. All of the lecturers have remarkable academic and industry backgrounds, and while my course was primarily online, the lecturer support and ongoing electronic contact I received was outstanding.

    Through the research I commenced in my Masters degree, I will be presenting at the 2018 National Nursing Conference. It is exciting that I could potentially influence national OHS Nursing direction, and I would not be in this position without the skills that I developed at ECU.

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