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Arts & Humanities

Psychology and Social Sciences

Communication is fundamental to human existence - we need to understand how people communicate with each other, both verbally and visually.

From understanding language to understanding politics and even understanding mindsets, communication is also a major theme at ECU.

Here, you can study areas as diverse as Media and Communications, Social Work, or Forensic Investigation. Or choose from Psychology, Contemporary Arts or Criminology and Justice.

If you have a passion for communication and for understanding the human condition, this is a study area that offers exciting employment or self-employment opportunities.

Showcasing creativity

Each year, our Media and Communications, Design, and Contemporary Arts students are expected to exhibit their creative work in a number of ways.

For example, film and video students have film screenings, while fashion students put on catwalk shows captured by photomedia students, and journalism students have their own magazines, often illustrated by design students.

At the end of your degree, you may also participate in our graduation shows. These shows attract thousands of people to our Mount Lawley campus, including industry professionals who are searching for upcoming talent.

Specialised Social Science majors

We are the only university in Western Australia to offer specialised majors in Children and Family Studies, Youth Work and Human Services within a Social Science program.

This gives our Social Science graduates a broader range of career options.

Forensic investigation with a twist

If you're fascinated by shows like CSI, NCIS or Bones, our Bachelor of Forensic Investigation might be just the course for you.

This degree differs from other forensic science courses because it combines applied science with related law and justice units.

As a graduate you'll be qualified to collect, analyse and interpret forensic data and present that evidence in court.

Student scholarships

With the support of an ECU scholarship, we can help you realise your ambitions by improving your financial situation and enabling you to successfully complete your course.



Our course structures allow you to specialise in one area, or gain expertise in multiple areas. We know that the more multi‑skilled you are, the more likely you'll be able to succeed in today's complex technological, social and creative world.

To increase your chances of finding employment, we mix practical, hands-on experiences and industry placements with a solid theoretical background.

Study areas, degrees and majors

To help you choose a career direction, we've grouped similar fields of work into study areas across ECU – Arts & Humanities is one of those study areas.

Within each study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Media and Communications or a Bachelor of Social Work.

For some degrees, you can choose a speciality, or major, like Advertising, Fashion, History or Children and Family Studies – or even a double major.

Postgraduate degrees involve coursework or research. For example, a Master of Infant Mental Health (by coursework), or a Master of Criminal Justice by Research.

Undergraduate degrees

Double your opportunities

Combining an Arts & Humanities degree with a degree from another ECU school can open up greater employment opportunities.

Postgraduate degrees

South West Campus

If you prefer paper over pixels, please download one of our guides.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

At the School of Arts and Humanities, we strive to produce graduates who have an informed, critical and creative approach to understanding the world around them.

Central to this approach is an emphasis on hands-on experiences, where students benefit from using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our new arts hub

School of Arts & Humanities new arts hub at Mount Lawley.


Our new arts hub

Our new $5million arts hub has opened at Mount Lawley Campus. The hub includes:

  • a new art gallery, called Gallery25, where students can exhibit their work and gain exhibition experience
  • a new design studio equipped with the latest in computer aided design, 3D printing, laser cutters, and large-scale graphics printing
  • a purpose-built animation studio and a new research facility equipped with the latest motion capture equipment
  • new facilities in painting, drawing, printmaking, fashion and spatial arts
  • three new professional photographic studios and state-of-the-art digital print facilities

"Such a fantastic vibe"

Meet a diverse group of students who are studying an equally diverse mix of courses at ECU Mount Lawley.

Look around and around

Why not have a 360 degree look around our campuses with your compatible VR headset, tablet, mobile or desktop computer?

How to view as a VR experience

The Payoff

The Payoff

For the 8th year in a row, our graduates have rated ECU 5-stars for teaching quality in the Good Universities Guide, a record unmatched by all but a few universities in Australia.

Our graduates have also rated their overall education experience 5 stars, as was the case for skills development, student support and for median graduate salary levels.

Hear from our students

Emma Richardson

"ECU provides an amazing learning experience."

"I’m surrounded by people like myself that are filled with creativity and want to build on and share their passions. The course structure is perfect for me as it lets me combine units from all the areas I’m interested in. The positive and energetic atmosphere of the university creates a unique and enjoyable way to study. The wide range of units lets you explore new and exiting areas of your chosen field and with the support from lecturers and fellow students, you receive an amazing learning experience."

Emma Richardson

Design student

Ben Gubana

"The undergraduate broadcasting course is extremely practical."

"ECU’s Mount Lawley Campus has a really laid back atmosphere, and from my experience all lecturers have been extremely good – both friendly and knowledgeable. The students in my year in the Broadcasting course are a really close-knit group of people. It’s so cliché but it really is a family, and they’ve made my uni experience so much better."

Ben Gubana

Journalism and Broadcasting student

Kate Pearson

"I’ve made friends and professional connections that enrich my life."

"I never expected to experience such a wonderful rapport with both the staff and students here at ECU. My lecturers were always willing to arrange times with me to discuss my work and other aspects of psychology. They were so passionate and have inspired and encouraged me to forge my own path. I feel that I’ve made friends and professional connections here that will enrich my life beyond my career."

Kate Pearson

Psychology and Counselling graduate and Psychology Honours graduate

Ryan Campbell

"ECUs social work lectures were a valuable resource."

"Returning to study after 10 years in the workforce was certainly a challenge, but ECU’s Social Work lecturers proved to be a valuable resource. Their knowledge, experience, level of professionalism and passion for education really helped grow my confidence and adjust to student life."

Ryan Campbell

Social Work graduate

What next?

What next?

Studying here...just the facts

Course entry

Minimum requirements, entry pathways, future student events and credit for previous study

Fees and scholarships

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Applying for courses, special application types and important dates

Uni life

Student accommodation, campus services and support, open days and orientation

Let's talk

Let's talk

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