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Business & Law

ECU has an entrepreneurial spirit – we like to be pioneers. And our School of Business and Law is no exception.

Business & Law at ECU

We were the first university school in Australia to teach employability skills in a specially-designed program, now part of our Bachelor of Commerce course. We introduced the first professionally-accredited online Law degree in Western Australia. And we're the only WA university offering courses like the Bachelor of International Hotel & Resort Management and the Master of Marketing and Innovation Management.

So if you aspire to be an Accountant, Lawyer, Hotel Manager, HR Manager, Project Manager or even an Entrepreneur, this is your study area.

Why ECU?


Our undergraduate courses in Business or Law disciplines have been developed in consultation with industry, so you know you'll be acquiring skills that future employers are looking for.

We're also responsive to industry needs, offering niche market courses tailored to industry demands.

Bachelor of Commerce major subjects like Accounting are well-regarded by industry; the Accounting major is professionally accredited by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants.

Our practical, hands-on approach to learning will also give you opportunities to participate in work placements, internships, study tours and more.

Get a head start with Summer School (November 2020)

Summer School is your chance to fast-track your degree and get one step closer to graduation.

You'll have the flexibility to start your degree sooner, get ahead with your current degree, or study at a more convenient time of year. A range of units in Business and Law courses are available.

Study areas, degrees and majors

At ECU, we group similar fields of work into study areas – Business & Law is one of them.

Within each study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Law.

For some degrees, you can choose a speciality, or major, like Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting or Finance.

Postgraduate degrees involve coursework or research. For example, you can study our Master of Business by Research, or a Master of Finance and Banking (by coursework).

Business & Law

If you already know what you're interested in, choose a discipline.

Download a guide

If you prefer paper over pixels, please download one of our guides.

Become World Ready

Experience Business & Law at ECU.

World Ready facilities

Scholarship opportunities to reduce your expenses

Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

ECU Business & Law Excellence Scholarship (New)

A 20% fee reduction scholarship to prospective postgraduate students who can demonstrate excellence in their field and a commitment to their studies.

Find out more and apply

Other scholarships

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.

Realise your dream

A language minor could make a major difference

Our Bachelor of Commerce degree offers you a fantastic choice of 14 major subjects. Each major will give you a solid grounding in a specific area, e.g. Finance, or Human resource Management.

But to broaden your employability prospects and prepare you to be more 'world ready', you should consider adding one of our language minors to your chosen major.

For example, you might choose to major in International Business and add a minor in Mandarin or Japanese to really give you an edge if you’re working overseas.

To explore your options, start with the Commerce degree page.

Explore your options

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  • Business & Law at ECU

  • The nature of work is changing rapidly


  • "This place is definitely a home away from home"
    Raisa Enego

    Raisa Enego

    Master of Marketing and Innovation Management student, Philippines

    I have been working as a marketing professional for over six years in the Philippines. That is why I chose to study Marketing and Innovation Management to enhance my marketing skills and acquire knowledge on an international level. I chose ECU because I know Filipino friends who have studied here, had a great experience, and they feel really at home in this university.

    I have made a lot of friends in this university, who all come from diverse backgrounds, and they bring out a great atmosphere in my learning experience. Most importantly, the lecturers are organised and highly professional; they have constantly guided me in my studies, and some I have considered as mentors in my career.

    The thing I love about Perth is that everything I love is very close to me. The lifestyle is mainly spending your free time outdoors. This place is definitely a home away from home.

  • "It's something to go for..."

    Tendai Muchemwa

    International Hospitality Management

    Master of International Hospitality Management student, Tendai Muchemwa talks about the value of his Work Integrated Learning placement.

  • "Work Integrated Learning placement at Griffith Industries"

    Kaur Saggu

    Master of Business Administration

    Master of Business Administration student Sumeet Kaur Saggu on her experience completing a Work Integrated Learning placement at Griffith Industries.

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