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Performing Arts

The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts is one of the world's leading performing arts academies, recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its graduates.

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WAAPA provides world-class teaching, concert facilities and performance opportunities for aspiring professionals in acting, dance, classical, jazz or contemporary music, and musical theatre.

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WAAPA stars are born

Our graduates excel in their chosen professions around the world, confirming WAAPA's well-earned reputation.

Many well-known actors, dancers, musicians and music theatre stars, including Hugh Jackman, Meg Mac, Frances O'Connor, Jai Courtney, William McInnes, Lisa McCune, Lucy Durack, Dacre Montgomery, Emma Matthews, Jamie Oehlers, Eddie Perfect and Tim Minchin have called WAAPA home.


  • "WAAPA’s Arts Management course really helped me find my place in the arts industry"
    WAAPA Arts Management graduate, Harriet Roberts
    Harriet RobertsWAAPA Arts Management graduate

    I have always craved an active role within the performing arts, but had no idea in what capacity this could be, I trusted the course to guide me in the right direction, and it did.

    For me, the course operated in a two-fold way through building my theoretical knowledge of the practicalities of arts administration in the lecture room, and in pushing me to volunteer in intern positions in the industry to gain practical experience.

    It was so beneficial to have the WAAPA name behind me when seeking these opportunities for development, enabling me to expand my networks and connections in the local industry. Ultimately, this led to my current position of Associate Producer at the Blue Room Theatre.

  • "WAAPA is so rigorous, it prepares students to handle pretty much anything"
    Harry Richardson
    Harry RichardsonWAAPA Acting graduate

    Being able to study in the safe environment of WAAPA gave me the opportunity to be able to fail miserably and learn from it – plus it was such fun each week getting to see mind-blowing dance performances, glorious musical theatre and the grooviest jazz because it inspires you to pour more into your craft.

  • "WAAPA was the best possible place for me to learn about the craft of acting"
    WAAPA graduate, Shalome Brune-Franklin.
    Shalome Brune-FranklinWAAPA Acting graduate

    I was able to learn from some of the best teachers and directors in the country. I entered an incredible creative community and was inspired constantly by my classmates and the performances I witnessed whilst studying there.

    I was challenged every single day, but most importantly, I was shown a way forward into the industry that meant I could actually turn my dreams into a reality. For that, I cannot thank WAAPA enough for giving me the start I so desperately wanted.

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