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Performing Arts

The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts is one of the world's leading performing arts academies, recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its graduates.

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WAAPA provides world-class teaching, concert facilities and performance opportunities for aspiring professionals in acting, dance, classical, jazz or contemporary music, and musical theatre.

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Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

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WAAPA stars are born

Our graduates excel in their chosen professions around the world, confirming WAAPA's well-earned reputation.

Many well-known actors, dancers, musicians and music theatre stars, including Hugh Jackman, Meg Mac, Frances O'Connor, Jai Courtney, William McInnes, Lisa McCune, Lucy Durack, Dacre Montgomery, Emma Matthews, Jamie Oehlers, Eddie Perfect and Tim Minchin have called WAAPA home.


  • "I love the atmosphere at WAAPA, the combination of brilliant staff and passionate students creates an inspiring space alive with possibilities"
    Joshua Webster
    Joshua WebsterWAAPA Classical Music graduate

    WAAPA pushed me to develop my musical skills, gave me the opportunity to have a wide range of musical experiences, helped me to make essential contacts, and to make wonderful friends.

    I'm very thankful to have been a student at WAAPA and can’t imagine having my career without it.

  • "Studying classical guitar at WAAPA is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences"
    Melissa Fitzgerald
    Melissa FitzgeraldBachelor of Music (Classical Performance – Instrumental) graduate & PhD candidate

    I began my studies as a timid girl with much to learn, but found quickly that being surrounded by passionate staff and students every day created an excellent environment for learning and developing my craft. All of the classes helped to further my development as a musician, however for me, the highlight was my individual tuition, workshop classes, and frequent performance opportunities as they really helped me to grow in confidence and gain experience as a performer.

  • "WAAPA was the best possible place for me to learn about the craft of acting"
    WAAPA graduate, Shalome Brune-Franklin.
    Shalome Brune-FranklinWAAPA Acting graduate

    I was able to learn from some of the best teachers and directors in the country. I entered an incredible creative community and was inspired constantly by my classmates and the performances I witnessed whilst studying there.

    I was challenged every single day, but most importantly, I was shown a way forward into the industry that meant I could actually turn my dreams into a reality. For that, I cannot thank WAAPA enough for giving me the start I so desperately wanted.

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