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Production & Design

When you watch a performance, it's easy to think that all of the creativity is happening on stage. But it takes a lot of creative energy behind the scenes to make the whole show come together. Welcome to Production and Design.

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Production and Design courses include our highly-regarded Arts Management course, plus professionally recognised Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas offering specialisations in Costume for Performance, Design, Lighting, Props and Scenery, Sound and Stage Management.

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"A Day in the Life of WAAPA"

It takes a skilled and creative team to put on a show. WAAPA is the place to learn the diverse range of disciplines that work together to entertain and enthrall an audience.


  • "WAAPA sets you up with a solid foundation to build your career"
    Jesse Hutchings
    Jesse HutchingsWAAPA Sound graduate

    The course covered everything from technical knowledge to crucial people-managing skills, when dealing with musicians or fellow workers in other departments. It's a great learning environment and the connections I have made from WAAPA have proven invaluable to my career thus far.

  • "Going to WAAPA not only gives you a top of the line education in your chosen field, but guarantees you a group of life-long friends"
    Hannah Portwine
    Hannah PortwineWAAPA Stage Management graduate

    The people you meet and work with over your time at WAAPA become your second family – and having that support network for the rest of your career is so important.

    My WAAPA family extends across the world now and constantly continues to grow, presenting all manner of career opportunities.

  • "The design course at WAAPA is unlike any other course in Australia"
    Tyler hill
    Tyler HillWAAPA Design graduate

    Over my three years at WAAPA I was completely immersed in both design theory and design for production. The course is unlike any other in Australia, as you can study the discipline while constantly realising your own set and costumes for plays, musicals, operas and dance.

    Furthermore, with opportunities such as secondments and master-classes, design students are introduced to professional designers and companies to gain more understanding for design for live performance.

    WAAPA was a real eye-opener, helping me understand the opportunities in the arts industry, both locally and internationally. Now designing shows for Black Swan State Theatre Company and Lost and Found Opera Company, I cannot wait to see what lies ahead.

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