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Study abroad

A Study Abroad program is the perfect way to expand your global citizenship: you get to live, work and study in Perth for up to a year, immersing yourself in the Australian culture and ECU.

More specifically, as part of an ECU Study Abroad program, you can nominate to study 3-4 units a semester or 6-8 units in two semesters. This includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as all eight ECU schools and Kurongkurl Katitjin, our Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research.

From the time you enquire to the time you enrol, you have expert staff to guide you. We help you select your units, submit an application, accept your place and enrol. This is the key really: how can we help you create an unforgettable study experience in Australia? We love to hear from future Study Abroad students. So please read through the content below and reach out to us today at

What can you study with us?

Individual subjects/classes/courses are called ‘units’ at ECU – and we have hundreds of them to choose from as part of your Study Abroad semester with us.

We can help you choose units that give you a great price and workload. The information below will help you get started.

Important: If you are already studying at an institution, please discuss your chosen ECU units with them and seek pre-approval to ensure they match your degree. You must have your Study Abroad plan approved by your home university to ensure you continue to be eligible for things like credit, financial aid, etc.

Study in 2021

Download the 2021 Study Abroad Brochure

Check out pages 10-15 to review some of our best Study Abroad units.

Download the 2021 Study Abroad Flyer (Spanish)

Unit selection

With so many units to choose from at ECU, we understand it can sometimes be difficult to select a group to match your study direction. There are four simple ways to search:

Tuition Fees

The cost of Study Abroad depends on the number of credit points you study and the units you select. The fees for 2021 are outlined below. Note that we have created two special fee groups.


Group A includes 100s of units from disciplines in Arts, Business, Computing, Design, Education, Law, Mathematics, Nursing, Science and Social Science:

Group B includes a special selection of units in the disciplines of Engineering, Paramedicine and Lab-based Science:

You can nominate units outside these fee groups, but be sure you check the cost of your unit selection for 2020 or 2021. You can do this through our Fees Calculator.

Course entry and applying

Before you apply, please check that you meet the course entry requirements, including those for English competency. Some courses have special entry requirements.

Also make sure you have Overseas Student Health Cover, a requirement for you to receive your Student Visa.

How to apply

Apply online via our application portal. Select ‘Apply for other program’ located in the bottom right-hand corner.

To apply, use one of the following course codes:

  • X01 Undergraduate Study Abroad for One Semester
  • X17 Undergraduate Study Abroad for Two Semesters
  • X02 Postgraduate Study Abroad for One Semester
  • X18 Postgraduate Study Abroad for Two Semesters

Scan your application documents so you’re ready to upload them to your Study Abroad application. e.g. academic transcripts and completion certificates.

Submit your application, making sure you add the units you plan to study at ECU.

Student stories

Mario Conradt

Mechanical Engineering student from Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern in Germany

"WA is the perfect place to get lost in nature while studying at a top university."

Mario Conradt spent Semester 2 at ECU in 2018. Mario also found time to create this video, highlighting some of the many beautiful places he visited around Perth and in the South West of Western Australia.