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ACRISP Research

ECU Sports Research Goes Global

Researchers from the Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP), are working with national and international sports bodies to translate elite-level research into practical advancements for sport and public health.

ECU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and ACRISP Research Leader Professor Caroline Finch said it’s this was a significant endorsement of the University’s sports medicine research.

"It's exciting to be part of an elite group of international researchers delivering groundbreaking insights and new knowledge in the area of sports medicine," Professor Finch said.

"ECU has a strong focus on injury and health surveillance, bone health, women's sport and preventive medicine. Our findings not only benefit elite athletes but everybody who plays sport."

The burden of sports injury

The ACRISP epidemiology researchers use epidemiological and biostatistical methods for investigation of population health issues relating to injury.

High quality sports injury data is essential if the public health burden of sports injury is to be accurately and appropriately reported and prevention targets for the focus of policy attention identified.

The effective implementation of sports injury prevention research is also critical if evidence is to be used in the real world in an impactful way for public health gains.

The ACRISP implementation researchers conduct international research to gain a better understanding of sports delivery settings, clinical treatment settings and individual behaviour contexts into which preventive interventions are to be implemented.

This research makes an immediate impact for our communities because it is conducted in full partnership with key stakeholder groups such as government departments, peak sports bodies, community groups and health promotion agencies.

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