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Congratulations to the 2009 Vice-Chancellor's Award recipients

Monday, 16 November 2009


Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kerry Cox has recognised the outstanding achievements of ECU staff with the presentation of the 2009 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards at the Joondalup Campus.

The annual awards recognise contributions in the areas of engagement, citizenship, service, research and learning and teaching. Hundreds of staff attended the presentation held outside the Library, which was followed by a barbeque lunch.

Professor Kerry Cox highlighted the importance of recognising and rewarding colleagues who, through their efforts, achieve outstanding outcomes.

“The winners of the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards are a testament to ECU’s commitment to the values of personal excellence, integrity, rational inquiry and respect,” he said.

“The calibre of this year’s entries has been extremely high, reflecting the commitment and enthusiasm of our staff.”

Congratulations to the following award winners:


The Business Edge Team, in recognition of their contribution to the development of the Business Edge suite of units and curriculum that engages ECU’s business community and provides students with practical skills to make them job ready.

Dr Peter Ling, in recognition of his contribution to engaging and inspiring students that has been demonstrated through the Google Online Marketing Challenge which has encouraged creative output and academic outreach within the ECU community.


Accommodation Service Project Team, in recognition of the team’s contribution to the development of ECU’s financial strength and ongoing viability through an extensive procurement process that has ensured significant value to ECU’s regional, interstate and international students.

Corporate Marketing Team, in recognition of excellence in service and commitment to the development of innovative and proactive marketing strategies that have enhanced ECU’s image and ensured a strong presence in the market place.

Professor Beth Walker, in recognition of her commitment to the education of small and medium enterprises on the importance of reducing environmental impact and the enhancement of ECU’s public reputation in partnerships within the local community.

Ms Heather Williams, in recognition of her excellent service and contribution to the ECU student learning community and enhancement of the student experience. Heather is attentive to the needs of international, part time and remote students, recognising and meeting diverse social and cultural interests which have promoted the ECU research community.

Ms Linda Barter, in recognition of excellence in service and commitment to ECU that has enhanced operational efficiency and the student experience. Linda provides training, support and guidance to new staff, assistance in system administration and has a key role in operational planning. She has been involved in several Faculty initiatives and has worked in an acting head role capacity.


Early Careers in Research

Dr Chris Abbiss, in recognition of his contribution to research into human physiology and the examination of various training techniques and their impact on exercise performance.

Dr Meghan Thomas, in recognition of her contribution to research leadership in the development and implementation of neurorestorative/protective treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Excellence in Research

Dr Rob Newton, in recognition of his contribution to research in the field of exercise science and the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Research Supervision

Associate Professor Jill Durey, in recognition of her contribution to engaging and inspiring students to reach their potential through teaching and learning related activities.

Teaching and Learning

Excellence in Teaching

These lecturers have been recognised for their significant contributions as outstanding teachers. Their excellence, time and dedication in supporting, encouraging and enhancing student learning are commended in the presentation of this award.

  • Dr Hadrian Djajadikerta
  • Ms Jenny Lane
  • Associate Professor Maryam Omari
  • Ms Pamela Weatherill
  • Mrs Sophie Kennedy
  • Associate Professor Stanislaw Paul Maj
  • Citation Award Winners

  • The ECU Library Team
  • Miss Diane Slade
  • Dr Greg McGuire
  • Ms Kayt Davies
  • Mr Rob Holt
  • Dr Sandra Wooltorton
  • Dr Paul Chang

Futher information about the teaching and learning award winners.


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