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Broadcasting student hosts new podcast

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Walkley-nominated broadcast student, Dr Ann Jones is hosting a new podcast, entitled Thought Bubble, which provides an inside look into the opinions of Australia’s Academic Population.

The program focuses on Australian research within the humanities field, and allows researchers who don’t get air time in main stream media to discuss their research, while giving individuals the opportunity to engage with academics in an open arena.  

Topics discussed include; what impact do the media have on federal Indigenous policy; what is cultural authority and why do men have more of it and why do politicians even bother with social media?

Head of ECU’s WAAPA Broadcasting course, Mr Peter Holland encourages people to tune in.

“This is a very welcome addition to podcasting in Australia, and is an opportunity for researchers to discuss their opinions in a national forum.”

Dr Jones is excited about the podcast, which combines both her passion for humanities and broadcasting.

“Research in the humanities and other disciplines has a deep importance for our society. While the results of such research may not be tangible or touchable, like a new software package or a robot or a building, they are just as important to the structure of our society.”

“Thought Bubble was created to highlight humanities research and gives the public a chance to engage with intellectuals without being belittled, and without the ideas being simplified,” said Dr Jones

Tackling intellects with the tough questions is a passion for Jones, who has also completed her own PhD in history at the Australian National University, before embarking on a post graduate broadcast degree at WAAPA.

To listen to the podcast visit the Thought Bubble website.

You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.


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