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Congratulations to the winners of the Top 100 and Vice-Chancellor's Student Awards

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Earlier this week, ECU held a morning tea to congratulate students for outstanding achievements at the University and in the wider community.

The first acknowledgment was for academic excellence, recognising the top 100 students at ECU, based on their weighted average mark, and number of completed units.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kerry Cox commended the students for achieving this significant accomplishment, and for standing out amongst the 25,000 students at ECU.

At the morning tea Professor Cox also presented Miss Jade Scott with the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Award for Engagement, and Mr Jonathon Grove with the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Award for Contribution to University Life.

Almost 100 students were nominated for the Awards by either ECU staff or members of the wider community.

Professor Cox congratulated all winners on their amazing contributions to the University and the community.

“The field of applicants was very impressive and their receipt of these awards reflects a demonstrated contribution that is consistent with the University's values of Integrity, Respect, Rational Inquiry and Personal Excellence,” Professor Cox said.

Top 100 winners

Lynley Anne Joyce; Sasha Alysha Stumpers; Eugene Heng; Kerry Lynn Hopkins; Yong Jie Leong; Belinda Anne Urquhart; Leanne Marie Vance; Esther Louise Armstrong; Gillian Margaret Cosgriff; Chye Yim Lee; Yvonne Ritchie; Natalie Ursa Mills; Hui Cheng Choo; Janeece Margaret Vann; Emanuela Sala; Brian Ch'ng; Alexander Abel Ong; Carys Williams; Anthea Jane Bradshaw; Reece Budin; Rosemarie Cecelia Vella; Henrietta Maria Quinlan; Natalie Eden Fisher; Rajen Suryakant Shah; Gregory Stuart Crellin; Sven Stankovich; Zhijian Wilfred Liang; Neil Alec Osborne; Nicholas Arthur Langford; Tracey Lee Wood; Kathleen Jane Donoghue; Samantha Helen Retallack; Vanessa Michelle Stylianou; Ricky Ho; Aleeza Morris; Ruth Margaret Wallace; Choon Nghee Ng; Daniel Michael D'avoine; Nathan Robert Burns; Kim Iskandar; Jeffrey Kok Beng Tan; Deirdre Anne Noon; Jamie Cameron McDonald; David Andrew Kirkland; Naomi Anna Kerr; Catherine Ruth Ashley; Hwee-Thuan Chong; Zhen Yong Eugene Poh; Boey Hoon Ng; Aidan Samuel Boase; Sage Elly Douglas; Ruth Janet Halbert; Kier Marie Tenardi; Kathryn Mary Russell; Leanne Marie Illich; Patricia Mary Sherwood; Caroline Elizabeth Ingram; Michaela Friederike Ernestine Schuetz; Leigh Kirsty Forsey; Steven Andrew Eggleston; Boris Viskovic; Emma Caroline Price; Jayne Rochelle Bullock; Yanan Xia; Thomas Charles Clifford; Bich Tram Nguyen; Elizabeth Joan Wenden; Chandima Janaka Bandara Weerasekara; Rebecca Erin Smith; Natalie Richardson; Fiona Margaret Saenger; Jane Louise Carmignani; Kimberley Simone Pace; Caroll-ann Collins; Tanya Lee Sayers; Markus Alexander Pitter; Kathryn Leigh Sutherland; Stephanie Anne Jackson; Qi jun Boey; Neha Dhingra; Brett Reginald De Beer; Michael John Barker; Corinne Maxine Seth; Jon David Agar; Lynley Anne Joyce; Christy Cornelia Claassen; Yi Yang; Eugen Mattes; Grant Justin Cox; Bhanish Guness; Simon Shean Chopping; Vivienne Louise Conway; Sasha Alysha Stumpers; Kynan Tan; Tracy Louise Chaplin; Yi-wei Chua; Lindsay Bryan Garratt; Leah Susette Vogler; Eugene Heng; and Daniel John Anthony


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