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ECU Media Newsletter - 4 July 2016

Monday, 04 July 2016


Tech – How secure is your smartphone? 
In the wake of the Apple vs FBI case, cybersecurity expert Dr Clinton Carpene can explain just how secure the PIN code or lock screen on are. more.

Higher ed – ECU ranked in list of best young universities 
ECU has been named in a global list of the best universities under the age of 50. The 2016 Times Higher Education (THE) 150 Under 50 rankings assess universities on performance indicators such as research, teaching excellence, international outlook and innovation. more

Crime - Removing children not the answer
Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan’s recent call for more children to be taken away from unsuitable parents following the weekend’s out of control parties will not reduce youth crime according to youth work expert Associate Professor Trudi Cooper. 

Resources – Tiniest creatures to improve our biggest industry
A new project will use microbes, some of the world’s smallest animals, to improve the rehabilitation of former mine sites. Dr Melanie Blanchette can comment on the use of microbes in determining ecosystem health. 

Tech – Kids and online pornography 
An AU Kids Online study led by Professor Lelia Green showed that almost a third of 9 - 16  year olds and over half of 15 - 16 year olds had seen sexual images online. The data was included in a recent submission to the Senate Inquiry into the harm being done to Australian children through access to pornography. Professor Green said parents have a key role in discussing the risks and opportunities of the online world and creating a supportive environment where kids can ask questions about sex, sexuality and relationships in an age-appropriate way. 

Road safety – 1 metre passing rule a good start
A proposal for a 1m passing law for cars overtaking cyclists in WA would be a good start if it can reduce accidents, according to transport expert Tim Perkins. However Mr Perkins believes improved cycling infrastructure will do more to keep cyclists safe and get more people riding bikes. 

Health - Prescription drug monitoring needed
Professor Moira Sim is calling for a real-time prescription monitoring system. It comes in the wake of Victorian findings which showed prescription drugs played a role in 80 per cent of drug overdoses. Professor Sim, who is Dean of ECU’s School of Medical and Health Sciences and a practising GP, said real-time information could prevent deaths by allowing doctors to make decisions on the basis of facts rather than suspicion. 

TV – Game of Thrones 
Dr Nathalie Collins, an expert on brand evangelism, said Game of Thrones popularity comes from creator George R.R. Martin’s expert ability to combine genres. She said the stories contain elements of adult fantasy, classic fairy tales, and British history as well as tried and true elements of popular sagas. Although plot twists and turns are part of the journey, Dr Collins said it’s the mythic characters that resonate so strongly with viewers. Much like other sagas, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings – or TV shows like Big Bang Theory and Friends – when we care about the characters, we care about what happens to them. 

Radicalisation – New types of terrorist emerge in Brussels and Paris attacks
The latest crop of terrorists responsible for the attacks in Belgium and France represent a new breed of extremist according to counterterrorism expert Professor Anne Aly. These new attackers appear to be low level violent criminals who are radicalised by extremist groups according to her research. more.

Environment – Carnaby’s cockatoos at risk under Perth’s growth plan
A new growth plan for Perth puts the important habitat of endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoos at risk according to Dr Rob Davis. The plan advocates for the clearing of thousands of hectares of important feeding and roosting habitat for urban development. more.

Art – Perth’s newest gallery
A new art gallery built to house professional exhibitions of art and design is now open at Edith Cowan University. Gallery 25 is the second art space at the Mount Lawley Campus and forms part of the School of Arts and Humanities new $5 million dollar arts hub. The opening exhibition features a selection of recently purchased works from the ECU art collection. Approximately two thirds of the art will be shown for the first time. 

Higher ed – Good news for grads seeking work in community
ECU received the highest rating of ‘very good’ for bachelor and masters graduates finding work locally in the 2016 Multirank results. The rankings, released this week, also awarded ECU ‘very good’ ratings for its close links with local communities to generate research publications, research income and student internships.


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