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Media & Communication

Communication is a basic human need that's been around since we painted in caves. But how we communicate – and the media channels we can use to convey a message – is continually changing and growing. Ready to jump in?

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In our undergraduate course, you can major in any one of Advertising, Broadcasting and Digital Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Photomedia, Public Relations and Screen Production. You can also combine two of these subjects and complete a double major.

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  • Broadcasting and Journalism students in the new Radio ECU studios on Mount Lawley Campus.
    Radio ECU studios

    Broadcasting and Journalism students in the new Radio ECU studios on Mount Lawley Campus.

  • Electronic Production TV Studio
    Electronic Production TV Studio

    View the 360 Degree virtual tour

  • Postgraduate Broadcasting Radio Studio on ECU Mount Lawley Campus.
    Postgraduate Broadcasting Radio Studio

    Students using the Postgraduate Broadcasting Radio Studio facilities on our ECU Mount Lawley Campus.

  • WA Screen Academy Sound Studio on ECU Mount Lawley Campus.
    WA Screen Academy Sound Studio

    Our Sound Studio on ECU Mount Lawley Campus is one of the postgraduate learning facilities available to WA Screen Academy students.

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Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.

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Meet students from our Advertising, Screen Studies, Media and Cultural Studies and Broadcasting courses who are studying at ECU Mount Lawley.


  • "My ECU degree gave me the flexibility to gain a wide range of skills that enable success in the world of business"
    Kohen Grogan
    Kohen GroganECU Communication graduate & Founder, Yappy Group

    The reason I chose a Bachelor of Communication at ECU was because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. There was flexibility within the course – instead of forcing me to specialise straight away, I had the chance to try a range of disciplines and then pick the areas I was most interested in.

    I even did some acting units from WAAPA. Being able to communicate effectively and speak in public is such an important skill to learn.

  • "I’ve always had an interest in marketing, advertising and PR"
    Pia Campbell
    Pia CampbellMarketing, Advertising and PR graduate

    Marketing, Advertising and PR work hand-in-hand in the real world, so it made sense to unite them at uni too. The combined degree at ECU allowed me to study all three. We experienced the end-to-end process from PR consultant, to journalist, to publishing in classes that mirrored the real world. One of my units was held in an awesome computer lab where we were plugged in to live blogs and industry news – this was a great way to learn how to write a timely and successful press release.

  • "As a person with two disabilities, there are many challenges to be faced in tertiary education"
    Vanessa Vlajkovic
    Vanessa VlajkovicMedia and Communication student

    I have always loved reading and writing and I have a natural curiosity about the world around me, so journalism seemed like the ideal choice of major for me.

    ECU has excellent facilities and the staff are very accommodating.

    Being deafblind means I've had to advocate a lot for myself at uni, this has lead to a great improvement in my advocacy skills and my confidence, especially when communicating what I need and what works for me.

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