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Engineering & Technology

Our close collaboration with industry will help you prepare for the engineering challenges of the world – and with a foot in the door before you graduate.

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Engineering & Technology at ECU

Our School of Engineering is one of the fastest-growing engineering schools in Australia and in the world's top 250. It's a place where you'll experience world-class engineering facilities in a supportive learning environment.

And you'll gain valuable practical experience in our advanced labs and workshops, and during a 12-week industry placement.

Why ECU?


Our courses are developed and delivered in close consultation with industry. As well as spending time in lectures and labs, your engineering course will involve at least 12 weeks of practical work experience in the engineering industry. This is a great way to kick-start your career.

Courses have a common multi-disciplinary first year and most have been professionally accredited by Engineers Australia and recognised under the Washington Accord. This means your engineering qualification will be internationally recognised. You’ll be world ready.

Study areas, degrees and majors

At ECU, we group similar fields of work into study areas – Engineering and Technology is one of them.

Within each study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Technology.

For some degrees, like a Bachelor of Technology, you can choose a speciality, or major, like Aeronautical, Electronic and Computer Systems or Motorsports.

We also offer Engineering Honours degrees in Civil, Chemical, Mechanical and other disciplines.

And postgraduate degrees are available through coursework or research. For example, you can study our Research Master's degree for a Master of Engineering Science.

Engineering & Technology

If you already know what you're interested in, choose a discipline.

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Become World Ready

ECU Engineering students learn in world-class facilities with purpose-built labs and project spaces.

I've been very impressed with the amazing laboratory facilities here, as well as the opportunities made available to students.

Explore your options

Arshil Jah's experience studying his Masters of Civil Engineering.


  • "When I was awarded an Engineering Excellence Scholarship, it was an offer I couldn't turn down"
    Ben Gately
    Ben GatelyECU Mechanical Engineering student
and Engineering Excellence Scholarship recipient

    ECU was one of the few universities I was considering applying for, and when I was awarded an Engineering Excellence Scholarship, it was an offer I couldn't turn down. As for the engineering course, I have always been good at maths and problem-solving and the engineering field seemed perfect for me.

    I've spent my first year at the Bunbury Campus. This has been an enjoyable experience and the smaller classes meant it was really personalised. I had access to an abundance of help and support, as well as making friendships with other students and my lecturers. This first year has given me a broad overview of the engineering field and helped me decide to specialise in mechanical engineering. I've also developed a lot of teamwork skills that I believe will help me in both my studies and just life in general.

  • "I've been very impressed with the amazing laboratory facilities here, as well as the opportunities made available to students"
    ECU Mechatronics Engineering student, Yolandie Van Der Westhuizen
    Yolandie Van Der WesthuizenMechatronics Engineering student

    I come from a family of engineers and I'll be a third generation engineer. While I was drawn to mechanical engineering, I was also drawn to technology and programming, so the Mechatronics Engineering course at ECU seemed to be the perfect choice for me.

    I was part of a team that competed in the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition and we got to participate in the finals held in Sydney. This was a great opportunity and ECU was the only university from WA that sent teams to participate in the event.

    I've also found the lecturers very approachable and supportive. They have an open door policy, which is immensely valuable during projects and competitions.

  • "ECU has supported me all the way"
    Arshil JahECU Master of Engineering student

    I wanted to choose a university whose foundation is strong. At that point, ECU was one of the few universities in Australia whose Master of Engineering was professionally accredited by Engineers Australia.

    Civil engineering is one of the core fields of the engineering industry. The benefit of doing construction projects during your Master's studies is that you can exercise the technical skills learned at university. After completing my engineering practicum, I have been able to secure a position as a part-time Graduate Civil Engineer with a construction firm in Perth.

    The first site construction I was appointed at was a bridge construction project in the heart of Perth. Such an opportunity allowed me to not only build my experience as a site engineer, but also to work with a very efficient team of civil engineers and deliver the project.

    The journey overall has not been easy, but I learned that you always get help if you ask. ECU has supported me all the way, through continued support of lecturers and through the help of student services.

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