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Exercise & Sports Science

ECU's Sports Science program ranked in the world's top 25 in the 2018 ShanghaiRankings global survey of Sports Science Schools and Departments. High performance sports teams choose ECU for testing, including West Coast Eagles, Perth Wildcats and many other elite athletes.

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Our Exercise Science and Rehabilitation program was the first in Western Australia accredited by Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

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Students benefit from professional partnerships

ECU's sponsorship-based partnerships with sports industry leaders, such as the West Coast Eagles and Perth Wildcats, offer our students unique opportunities to go behind the scenes, gain industry insights, network and see what career prospects might be available after they graduate.

Last year, Exercise & Sports Science and Business students attended an afternoon of workshops and activities with coaches and management teams from the West Coast Eagles (pictured). Partnerships like this help students learn how the knowledge and skills they’re gaining from their courses can be applied in the real world.

Student aims for glory

"I am originally from Sydney, and was recommended to study at ECU by a well-known person in the field of sports science. Since starting at ECU, I have not been disappointed -the ECU Joondalup campus is large and home to the latest technology and facilities."

"The course has really helped me in my aspirations to be a pro-footballer, helping to develop my knowledge in areas such as recovery strategies, nutrition and coaching. I would highly recommend ECU to anybody looking to study sports science."

Kristian Popovic, ECU Exercise and Sports Science student and Perth Glory footballer.


  • "I did my research beforehand and found Exercise & Sports Science can pave the way for different career paths"
    Exercise & Sports Science student Ricky LeGuay, working with the West Coast Eagles
    Ricky LeGuayExercise & Sports Science student

    The course has taken my personal training to the next level (evidence-based training). It has also given me the opportunity to work with the West Coast Eagles.

    I went to China last year and worked with coaches from China's Olympic team and I will possibly be in Sri Lanka later this year with their athletes and continue to fast track my development as a Sports Scientist.

    I did my research beforehand and found Exercise & Sports Science can pave the way for different career paths. Strength & Conditioning, Exercise Physiology and Teaching Physical Education to name a few, but there are so many more.

    I chose ECU because of their corporate partnerships with some of our country's biggest sporting organisations, including the West Coast Eagles, WACA, Wildcats, etc.

    When asked about Ricky's placement, West Coast Eagles General Manager (Community and Game Development) Richard O'Connell said, "Ricky is actively involved in the running of our Academies, learning from experienced coaches and elite players."

    "His enthusiasm is a great reflection of the support Edith Cowan University provide their students. His journey is a great path for others to follow.

  • "I would like to become a professor and strength and conditioning coach"
    Yosuke Kotani
    Yosuke KotaniIntegrated PhD candidate (Exercise Science)

    I got a masters degree in the United States, but had no research experience before I came to ECU. I wanted to pursue my PhD under Dr. Haff and Dr. Nosaka, plus ECU is ranked 13th in the world in the field of exercise science.

    The first year of the Integrated PhD really helped me to gain research skills such as writing, reading, presenting, and skills needed for experimentation. My supervisors have been devoting so much of their time to assist me to gain these skills.

    In the longer term, I would like to become a professor and strength and conditioning coach at the university and to coach elite athletes.

  • "You have the opportunity to experience the workplace"
    Claire MasonExercise and Sports Science and Exercise Science and Rehabilitation graduate

    I was looking to upskill into a clinical setting and ECU was the only university in Western Australia that was offering the accredited course. The lecturers are all very renowned in their own fields. Their current research is within the areas that they teach us. This means that we are getting the most up-to-date information in the lectures and labs. They were all very approachable and supportive should we need help with any of the assignments or topics that we covered.

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