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Exercise & Sports Science

ECU's Sports Science program ranked in the world's top 25 in the 2018 ShanghaiRankings global survey of Sports Science Schools and Departments. High performance sports teams choose ECU for testing, including West Coast Eagles, Perth Wildcats and many other elite athletes.

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Our Exercise Science and Rehabilitation program was the first in Western Australia accredited by Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

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Students benefit from professional partnerships

ECU's sponsorship-based partnerships with sports industry leaders, such as the West Coast Eagles and Perth Wildcats, offer our students unique opportunities to go behind the scenes, gain industry insights, network and see what career prospects might be available after they graduate.

Last year, Exercise & Sports Science and Business students attended an afternoon of workshops and activities with coaches and management teams from the West Coast Eagles (pictured). Partnerships like this help students learn how the knowledge and skills they’re gaining from their courses can be applied in the real world.

Student aims for glory

"I am originally from Sydney, and was recommended to study at ECU by a well-known person in the field of sports science. Since starting at ECU, I have not been disappointed -the ECU Joondalup campus is large and home to the latest technology and facilities."

"The course has really helped me in my aspirations to be a pro-footballer, helping to develop my knowledge in areas such as recovery strategies, nutrition and coaching. I would highly recommend ECU to anybody looking to study sports science."

Kristian Popovic, ECU Exercise and Sports Science student and Perth Glory footballer.


  • "I would like to become a professor and strength and conditioning coach"
    Yosuke Kotani
    Yosuke KotaniIntegrated PhD candidate (Exercise Science)

    I got a masters degree in the United States, but had no research experience before I came to ECU. I wanted to pursue my PhD under Dr. Haff and Dr. Nosaka, plus ECU is ranked 13th in the world in the field of exercise science.

    The first year of the Integrated PhD really helped me to gain research skills such as writing, reading, presenting, and skills needed for experimentation. My supervisors have been devoting so much of their time to assist me to gain these skills.

    In the longer term, I would like to become a professor and strength and conditioning coach at the university and to coach elite athletes.

  • "I found the lecturers really helpful"
    Mark HutchingsBachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) student and West Coast Eagles player

    West Coast Eagles AFL player, Mark Hutchings talks about what attracted him to study at ECU, and how Sports Science is giving him a base education that will prepare him for a career in the industry after he finishes playing.

  • "It was highly recommended by colleagues working in elite sport to strongly consider ECU."
    Willie Cruz
    Willie CruzMaster of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) student

    I chose to study a postgraduate degree in Strength and Conditioning at Edith Cowan University to improve my instructive skills as a sport performance coach with The Oklahoma City Thunder. During the vetting process for a master's program, it was highly recommended by colleagues working in elite sport to strongly consider ECU. After doing my own investigation, it was an easy decision.

    The degree is available online with a two-week on-campus practicum component, and offers a great learning opportunity to explore both the coaching and scientific side of strength and conditioning. The practicum was a once in a lifetime experience where I was able to establish a worldwide network of some of the brightest minds in the industry. During the course of my studies, I have learned skills that are applicable to my work as an Athletic Performance Coach in the NBA, and beyond.

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