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Medical & Health Sciences

If you have a passion for enhancing the quality of people's lives, this study area offers you a variety of health-related courses and career directions.

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Medical & Health Sciences at ECU

Nothing is more important than our health. Without good health we fail to function as human beings, let alone achieve anything like peak performance.

Health is important to us at ECU too. Here, you can study a Science degree in areas as diverse as Biomedical Science, Exercise and Sports Science, or Paramedical Science. Or choose other health-related courses like Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Pathology.

Why ECU?


Our undergraduate courses lay the groundwork for a variety of future careers in health and medicine.

This includes areas like medical science, human biology, laboratory-based research, emergency medical services, health promotion, nutrition, environmental health, occupational safety and health, exercise and sports science and occupational therapy.

Study areas, degrees and majors

At ECU, we group similar fields of work into study areas – Medical & Health Sciences is one of them.

Within this study area you can choose an undergraduate degree, for example a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), a Bachelor of Health Science, or a Bachelor of Speech Pathology.

For some degrees, like Health Science, you can choose a speciality, or major, like Environmental Health, Addiction Studies or Nutrition.

Postgraduate degrees involve coursework or research. For example, you can study our Master of Public Health by Research, or a Master of Paramedical Science (coursework).

Medical & Health Sciences

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Scholarship opportunities to reduce your expenses

Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.

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Short courses at ECU

You probably know that ECU offers more than 250 undergraduate and postgraduate courses across a diverse range of study areas.

But you may not know that we offer short courses, providing professional development opportunities for industry professionals.

Short courses are delivered by most of our schools, including Medical & Health Sciences. For more information, visit

Explore your options

  • Exercise & Sports Science

  • Graduate as an accredited practising dietician

  • Investigating the benefits of exercise for cancer patients

  • Firefighters battling invisible hazards

  • Speech Pathology studies at ECU

  • Occupational Therapy at ECU

  • Educating children about food and drink choices

  • The ECU course is flexible and I can study it online

  • Investigating language difficulty after stroke

  • Medical Science

  • I didn't realise that exercise could save my life

  • Researching human addiction

  • A day in the life

  • A course with strong ties to industry

  • Healthy study choice

  • Working with elite athletes

  • Firefighters battling invisible hazards

  • Lecturers with practical experience

  • Regular-fat dairy mythbusters

  • Exercise Science & Rehabilitation

  • Hygiene factors

  • Stronger kids can lead to less injuries in adulthood


  • "The course has really helped me in my aspirations to be a pro-footballer"
    Kristian Popovic
    Kristian PopovicECU Exercise and Sports Science student and Perth Glory footballer

    I am originally from Sydney, and was recommended to study at ECU by a well-known person in the field of sports science. Since starting at ECU, I have not been disappointed - the ECU Joondalup campus is large and home to the latest technology and facilities.

    The course has really helped me in my aspirations to be a pro-footballer, helping to develop my knowledge in areas such as recovery strategies, nutrition and coaching. I would highly recommend ECU to anybody looking to study sports science.

  • "Improving community health"
    Rena Vithiatharan Master of Public Health graduate

    Master of Public Health student, Rena Vithiatharan, talks about studying the course with ECU. Rena discusses why she chose to study Public Health to equip her to work with communities and working with people to improve their health and their lives. Her course covers a broad spectrum of public health issues, from communicable diseases, epidemiology, aspects of leadership and strategic decision making.

  • "ECU has a reputation as one of the leading universities worldwide for studying Sports Science."
    Jennifer Screen
    Jennifer ScreenMaster of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) graduate

    I wanted to complete a course that is world-class in its field to get recognition when applying for work. ECU has a reputation as being one of the leading universities worldwide when it comes to studying Sports Science.

    This helps attract people from all over the world to study the course and allowed for great networking opportunities. The on-campus workshops were the highlight of the course and provided the chance to gain practical experience while developing relationships with people in many fields who I now call my friends.

    While trying to complete my Master's, I was attempting to make my second Olympic team. The course structure, the online accessibility, and the availability of the lecturers helped me to manage everything. I still keep in contact with the lecturers who are more than willing to provide helpful advice.

    Once graduated, I was able to apply for positions that I would not have been considered for previously. It has given me the applied knowledge in certain areas of Sports Science that I apply every day.

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