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Health Science

Health Science is the study of the physical, psychological, social, and environmental dimensions of health. The overall goal of health science is the improvement of human health through scientific research. Sound like your thing?

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The Bachelor of Health Science offers a variety of career opportunities, and, depending on your choice of majors, can be a pathway to postgraduate studies in nutrition and dietetics, or occupational safety and health.

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Full accreditation for Environmental Health at ECU

Whether visiting illegal backyard drug labs or the local café, the job of an Environmental Health Officer is a varied one. Environmental Health Officers help to keep people safe – this includes testing water quality, ensuring food is handled hygienically, and checking that houses used to produce illicit drugs are safe for occupation after police have finished their investigation.

The good news is there's strong demand for professionals in this discipline and our Bachelor of Health Science offers qualifications through an Environmental Health major.

It's the only undergraduate course in WA, and only one of five nationally to be fully- accredited by Environmental Health Australia (EHA).

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  • "I wanted the skills to implement and evaluate health promotion and public health programs"
    Nicole Wickens
    Nicole WickensECU Addiction Studies and Health Promotion student

    I decided to study Health Science at ECU, as I wanted to become a health care professional and help improve the lives and wellbeing of others within a community. I have a strong passion for working with people and an interest in the field of Alcohol & Other Drugs, which led me to choose the health promotion and addiction study majors, as they go hand-in-hand. The lecturers have been so friendly and welcoming and I love ECU's facilities, in particular, the library resources and all the cafés.

  • "The potential to affect real change was all the motivation I needed"
    Janice Du Preez
    Janice Du PreezPhD candidate (Early stage dementia)

    I completed my B.Sc. OT (Hons) by research degree at ECU and found a deeply hidden love for research. Against all odds, I was offered a PhD Candidacy and awarded an ECU Postgraduate Research Award and an Inspiring Minds Award. This provided me with the financial means to continue further study.

    Knowing I would be supervised by experienced researchers who are experts in the field of OT, and having my family's full support, certainly gave me the courage I needed to take on this challenge. Also, the knowledge that my research has the potential to affect real change was all the motivation I needed to continue studying.

  • "Writing, rewriting and more rewriting!"
    Danica Lee Larcombe
    Danica-Lea LarcombeIntegrated PhD candidate (Biodiversity and Human Health)

    The skills I have learnt while studying the Integrated PhD have assisted with my research proposal, literature reviews, data analysis and grant writing.

    My ethics application helped with recruitment of participants and surveys. I've also learnt how to develop and analyse complex surveys.

    I've attended many workshops run by GRS and found them invaluable. And the GRS SOAR centre helped when I experienced issues designing my surveys.

    My greatest challenge has been multitasking between data analysis, writing literature and coordination of participants. Also writing, rewriting and more rewriting!

    In the future I want to work with developers and government, and continue writing and teaching about the importance of nature to human health.

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