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Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology

Learn how to identify, evaluate and control occupational or environmental hazards that could adversely affect the health of workers or communities. Hazards can include chemical or biological agents, as well as physical or even psychosocial factors.

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This coursework Masters is the only one in Australia offered as a full program, not as a major. It develops professionals in the field of occupational and environmental hygiene.

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Hygiene factors

Master of Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology student Constanze Spicer talks about study at ECU.


  • "The opportunity to conduct OHS-related research was a fantastic experience"
    Kim McClean
    Kim McCleanMaster of Occupational Health and Safety graduate and current ECU PhD candidate

    I was drawn to ECU's Master of Occupational Health and Safety as the content seemed so logical and highly relevant to the industry and the workplaces I was employed in. All of the lecturers have remarkable academic and industry backgrounds, and while my course was primarily online, the lecturer support and ongoing electronic contact I received was outstanding.

    Through the research I commenced in my Masters degree, I will be presenting at the 2018 National Nursing Conference. It is exciting that I could potentially influence national OHS Nursing direction, and I would not be in this position without the skills that I developed at ECU.

  • "The course is offered online which is fantastic if you need flexibility"
    Constanze SpicerPostgraduate Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology

    Master of Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology student, Constanze Spicer, talks about studying the course with Edith Cowan University (ECU). Constanze discusses why she chose ECU's Master of Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology as well as some of the activities she's undertaken in her studies, including exposure monitoring in the field.

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