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Teacher Education

We're Western Australia's oldest and largest School of Education, regularly producing graduates who become award-winning teachers and principals.

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Teacher Education at ECU

We're also WA's most popular school, graduating more professional educators than any other institution in the state.

Our bachelor of education degrees include a bachelor of early childhood education, bachelor of primary education and bachelor of secondary education.

And we have the widest range of Secondary teaching specialisations of all Western Australian universities.

ECU graduates have dominated the WA Education Awards in recent years, winning Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Teacher of the Year, as well as Primary and Secondary Principals of the Year.

Why ECU?


If you want to be part of the next generation of outstanding teachers and make a real difference to the lives of young people, our Teacher Education courses will start you on your journey.

Our experienced team are passionate about education and strive to find better ways to help you become a teacher – through pioneering research and outstanding community-based partnerships with schools.

Our courses are professionally accredited by the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia. Early Childhood Studies courses have been approved by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority.

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) course is also offered at our South West (Bunbury) Campus. And many of our courses allow you to study your teaching degree online.

Study areas, degrees and majors

At ECU we group similar fields of work into study areas – like Teacher Education.

Within this study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies).

For some degrees, you can choose a speciality, or major subject, like Physical Education, Music, or Mathematics.

Postgraduate degrees involve coursework or research, for example a Master of Education (by Coursework), a Master of Education (by Research), or a research-based PhD.

Master of Teaching or Master of Education?

Our School of Education offers two postgraduate courses that sound similar, but are tailored to students seeking different outcomes.

Master of Teaching

If you have a degree in an area other than education, these 2-year courses enable you to become a teacher, including completing your studies on an internship in a Western Australian school.

Master of Education

If you're already in the education profession, this is a 1-year postgraduate degree that'll help you progress your career by expanding your knowledge in a specialist area and fine-tuning your leadership skills.

Alternatively, you can complete this course in 16 months, specialising in either Early Childhood Education or Leading Education, via our Accelerated Online mode.

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Experience Teacher Education at ECU.

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Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.

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Our future teachers

Pre-service teachers talk about their experiences at our multicultural university where they've made friends with people from all over the world, learned from knowledgeable and supportive teaching staff, and simply enjoyed watching kids learn.


  • "Lecturers have first-hand experience"
    Helen Hudson, Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies) student
    Helen HudsonBachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies) student

    I chose ECU because of the introduction of the Early Childhood degree to Joondalup Campus in 2012 – this was exactly what I wanted to study.

    I have enjoyed the personal relationships I have built with the lecturers at ECU. They have been very approachable for guidance and the most pleasing part is that the lecturers have first-hand experience in early childhood settings.

    The benefit of studying at ECU is that first year students can undertake practicums that give real insight into education and working with children.

  • "ECU was the perfect place for me to study"
    Erasmus Norviewu-Mortty, ECU Master of Education by Research
    Erasmus Norviewu-MorttyECU Master of Education by Research

    I travelled halfway around the world to investigate why some schools in my native Ghana were better than others – my research at ECU gave me the chance to find some answers.

  • "During my prac placements I made some great working relationships"
    ECU Secondary education student, Lisa-marie McLachlan
    Lisa-marie McLachlanSecondary Education (Physical Education) student

    Teaching was something I always wanted to do. I had already studied my undergrad degree at ECU so I jumped at the opportunity to further my career with a postgrad degree.

    The lecturers at ECU have been extremely helpful, even after completing all units they still remain in contact and give sound advice when applying for jobs.

    The facilities are great, with comfortable study nooks, which contributes to making your time at university enjoyable.

    I did a 4-week placement at Greenwood College and a 7-week placement at St Hilda’s Anglican School. It was great to work with two different schools, and to learn how to apply general teaching materials in different ways has been useful.

    During my prac placements I made some great working relationships that will assist me with job opportunities in the future. Without this practicum experience, I would not have the understanding I have today to go forward with confidence in my teaching career.

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