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Teacher Education

We're Western Australia's oldest and largest School of Education, regularly producing graduates who become award-winning teachers and principals.

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Teacher Education at ECU

We're also WA's most popular school, graduating more professional educators than any other institution in the state.

Our bachelor of education degrees include a bachelor of early childhood education, bachelor of primary education and bachelor of secondary education.

And we have the widest range of Secondary teaching specialisations of all Western Australian universities.

ECU graduates have dominated the WA Education Awards in recent years, winning Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Teacher of the Year, as well as Primary and Secondary Principals of the Year.

Why ECU?


If you want to be part of the next generation of outstanding teachers and make a real difference to the lives of young people, our Teacher Education courses will start you on your journey.

Our experienced team are passionate about education and strive to find better ways to help you become a teacher – through pioneering research and outstanding community-based partnerships with schools.

Our courses are professionally accredited by the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia. Early Childhood Studies courses have been approved by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority.

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) course is also offered at our South West (Bunbury) Campus. And many of our courses allow you to study your teaching degree online.

Study areas, degrees and majors

At ECU we group similar fields of work into study areas – like Teacher Education.

Within this study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies).

For some degrees, you can choose a speciality, or major subject, like Physical Education, Music, or Mathematics.

Postgraduate degrees involve coursework or research, for example a Master of Education (by Coursework), a Master of Education (by Research), or a research-based PhD.

Master of Teaching or Master of Education?

Our School of Education offers two postgraduate courses that sound similar, but are tailored to students seeking different outcomes.

Master of Teaching

If you have a degree in an area other than education, these 2-year courses enable you to become a teacher, including completing your studies on an internship in a Western Australian school.

Master of Education

If you're already in the education profession, this is a 1-year postgraduate degree that'll help you progress your career by expanding your knowledge in a specialist area and fine-tuning your leadership skills.

Alternatively, you can complete this course in 16 months, specialising in either Early Childhood Education or Leading Education, via our Accelerated Online mode.

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Become World Ready

Experience Teacher Education at ECU.

Reduce your expenses

Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.

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ECU Music Education US Study Tour

In November 2018, nine of our students participated in a three-week US study tour, as guests of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

Bucknell is one of the premiere liberal arts universities in the US, and is highly regarded for the quality of its music and music education programs.

While there, the students visited music education programs in 13 different schools, both in Pennsylvania, and New York City. Two groups from Bucknell have already visited ECU, and it's hoped that this can become part of a regular exchange program between the two institutions.

Overseas study tour opportunities like this are available to ECU students through our partnerships with educational institutions all over the world.

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Early Childhood Education student Stacey chats about why she decided to study Early Childhood Teaching, why she decided to study at the School of Education at Edith Cowan University, her experiences on placement and how she balances working full-time while studying part-time.


  • "The support you get at ECU is really valuable and something I didn't expect"
    Angie Taylor
    Angie TaylorBachelor of Education (Secondary)

    I completed my TER in 1999 so I applied as a mature age student. I wanted to make a difference to kids' lives and hopefully make an impact in their educational journey. I chose ECU because of its reputation in the industry as the leading provider of quality education students.

    The facilities we access are amazing and state-of-the-art. The lecturers are all very supportive and helpful, as well as being extremely knowledgeable with real life experience. The help that you can receive for academic writing and the amount of support you get at ECU is really valuable and something I didn’t expect.

    One of my biggest challenges has been the juggling of working and studying. I think the fact that I am coping is definitely an achievement!

  • "There are so many highlights to studying an Integrated PhD at ECU"
    Lea Beatty
    Lee BeattyIntegrated PhD (Education) student

    Becoming a member of the ECU research community and having the opportunity to meet, work alongside, and get to know PhD students from across all Schools is a real benefit of the coursework component.

    I also love how much my general knowledge has increased. Not only have I received training and experience to assist me with undertaking a PhD, but I now have a broad knowledge of research-related industry, business and the media.

    Finally, I’m enjoying how welcoming and inspirational the School of Education staff are. The genuine interest that the academic staff have in my research and their willingness to share their expertise makes undertaking an Integrated PhD at ECU an absolute privilege.

  • "ECU was the perfect place for me to study"
    Erasmus Norviewu-Mortty, ECU Master of Education by Research
    Erasmus Norviewu-MorttyECU Master of Education by Research

    I travelled halfway around the world to investigate why some schools in my native Ghana were better than others – my research at ECU gave me the chance to find some answers.

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