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Undergraduate Study

At ECU, we think everyone has the potential to be whatever they want.

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Undergraduate Study at ECU

We're home to a great mix of students – from people straight out of high school, to mature age students, international students who've moved to Perth, and a growing number of online students.

We go out of our way to help our students start on their journey, including offering different entry options to our undergraduate courses. And we provide an interesting mix of courses across eight different study areas.

We hope you can join us!

Why ECU?

Fantastic facilities and programs

ECU offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses and our facilities are some of the best you'll find at any university in Australia. We have:


What can you study here?

To help our domestic and international students with a career direction, we group similar fields of work into study areas.

Within each study area, you can choose an undergraduate (first) degree. And within most degree courses, you can choose your specialty, or major subject.

Study courses online

At ECU, we understand that many people want to study, but have commitments like work and family that can make it hard to get to lectures.

It's why many of our undergraduate courses can be studied online.

Our study areas

At ECU, we group similar fields of work into study areas. As a domestic or international student, you can select a study area that aligns with your field of interest, or choose from our postgraduate study options to see what courses are available.

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World Ready experience

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our students have to say about why they chose to study at ECU.

Natural Sciences
Civil Engineering
Cyber Security
Broadcasting and Journalism
Exercise and Sports Science


  • "Not only does WAAPA have a great reputation among the industry, but you don't quite realise how great the training is until you are able to apply it in a professional context"
    George Pullar
    George PullarWAAPA Acting graduate

    Those three years dedicated to honing my skill set gave me a steady confidence and foundation to build on.

  • "I chose to study OT at ECU because of the practical components offered from the beginning of the course"
    Suci Wardana
    Suci WardanaOccupational Therapy student

    I have been fortunate to have taken part in several placements relating to OT, beginning just a few weeks into starting my course. These placements involved observing practitioners in their specialised fields, which was very beneficial as it gave me a feel for what I'd be doing in the future, and provided learning that can't be taught in the classroom.

    I also felt that the small cohort of students in the course would be very beneficial as it allows us to get to know everyone in the course and increases the opportunities that we have to communicate face-to-face with lecturers and tutors. The OT staff at ECU are also working in the field, and they're able to provide students with real-life learning, which is fantastic.

  • "The Arts Management degree gave me the skills and contacts to form a fantastic career in the arts industry"
    James Robertson
    James RobertsonWAAPA Arts Management graduate

    In my role as Head of Media and Client Relations at AKA, my team and I formulate the strategy for and execute large and small scale end-to-end marketing campaigns for commercial theatre, not-for-profit theatre companies, galleries and museums, major events and a diverse range of other arts and entertainment forms.

    Having had exposure to all of these, WAAPA set me up to be confident in the industry, no matter what I have ended up working on. The networking opportunities with graduates who are leaders in their field and the intensive secondment program put me in both large and small organisations and allowed me to meet people who are now my close colleagues.

    Since leaving WAAPA, I've worked alongside many Arts Management graduates who are now the top marketers, producers, development professionals and managers in the arts industry and we always have a strong bond.

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