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How to change your enrolment

How do I change a unit I'm enrolled in?

You have until the end of week two of your semester to add units or change units you're enrolled in.

You'll need to log into SIMO to change your enrolment.

Step-by-step instructions can be found in the SIMO Help Guide.

Go to SIMO SIMO Help Guide

Changing from full-time to part-time study

In most courses, you can switch between full-time and part-time study by changing the number of units you enrol in. There are a couple of exceptions.

  • If you're enrolled in a Nursing course, you'll need to contact our Student Hub before changing your study load.
  • WAAPA students aren't able to study part-time.
  • International students on a student visa aren't able to study part-time. A reduced study load may only be granted if you’re at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress requirements, or there are compassionate or compelling circumstances.

How do I withdraw from a unit I'm enrolled in?

Provided you're not an international student on a student visa, you can withdraw from an enrolled unit via SIMO up until your semester census date.

You can still withdraw from a unit after the census date by visiting or contacting our Student Hub. However, you really should talk to your Course Coordinator or VET Officer before amending your enrolment.

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Important After the census date you’ll be charged for your course and start accumulating a HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP debt.

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What does
that mean?
Here's a quick guide to some of the things we mention during the Enrolling stage.
  • This is the date when your enrolment is deemed to be finalised. After the census date you'll be charged for your course and start accumulating a HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP debt. To withdraw from a unit without incurring the cost for that unit, you must do so by the census date.

    Census dates are usually end of March for Semester 1 and end of September for Semester 2.

  • The majority of undergraduate study units at ECU are worth 15 credit points. You can find out the credit point value of your units by checking the handbook.

    Full-time study is when you're enrolled in 45 credit points or more. This is generally three or more units per semester.

    Part-time study is when you're enrolled in less than 45 credit points. This is generally one or two units per semester.

    Note: If you're an International student on a student visa, you must enrol in a full-time study load, usually 4 units or 60 credit points.

  • SIMO is short for 'Student Information Management Online'. It sounds better too!

    SIMO is the system you’ll access through the Student Portal to:

    • enrol and re-enrol;
    • obtain your class timetable;
    • see your exam times and dates;
    • view your results; and
    • view your Statement of Account.
  • If you withdraw from units or discontinue from your course after the financial census date you’ll be liable for the cost of those units. However, if you can demonstrate special, compelling or compassionate circumstances that have impacted on your ability to complete the requirements of the unit – that occurred after the financial census date – you may be eligible for remission of fees.

    Also see 'Census Date'.