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One of the most important things you'll learn at university is how to learn.

This might sound a little strange right now, but at the end of your time here you'll understand what we mean.

It's about developing the ability to analyse, think critically and problem-solve. These are skills you'll take into every job, career, or business venture as an ECU graduate.

This page is an introduction to learning services and resources we provide, depending on your specific needs.

Academic support in your school

Each ECU school has staff dedicated to study and academic support for its students – like you. These Learning Advisers can assist you with:

  • assignment preparation (especially your first one!)
  • improving your maths and statistical skills
  • study skills

Talk to your lecturer as a first step. You can also book a consultation with your school's Learning Adviser.

Reading and writing tips

These short academic tip sheets will help you with your academic writing and reading tasks.

Reading effectively Writing effectively

Help for online students

As an online student, you'll have a dedicated tutor, lecturer or unit coordinator who can assist you with questions about your study units.

You can find them by logging into the Student Portal then clicking on the Blackboard link in the 'Easy Logins' section.

  • In Blackboard, the units you're studying should be listed to the right.
  • Click on a unit and you'll be taken to the unit home page.
  • Look for a Communications tab, Discussion Board tab, Staff Information tab or Unit Coordinator tab to find out who you can contact.

Online tutors through Studiosity

Studiosity is a free online study support service for all new students. It allows you to connect with a specialist 24/7 and live-chat on topics like:

  • assignment writing
  • researching a problem
  • seeking feedback on your writing
  • starting an assignment

Studiosity also offers content advice for economics, accounting and mathematics. Sessions usually last about 20 minutes.

You can access Studiosity through Blackboard, under the 'My Communities' section.

Learning Advisers

Our Centre for Learning and Teaching can also work with you to develop your academic and communication skills. Their Learning Advisers run sessions and workshops on:

  • Academic skills
  • Assignment preparation assistance
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  • English language
  • Oral communication

You can contact a Learning Adviser at

Learn more

Talk to Library staff

You might think that people who work in a library are simply moving books around all day, but that’s a long way from reality. Our Library people are highly qualified and can help you with all kinds of things, including using technology to learn. Librarians run sessions and workshops on:

  • Referencing
  • Digital learning
  • Research skills

Go see them, or read a bit more on Getting to know your library.

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What does
that mean?
Here's a quick guide to some of the things we mention during the Preparing stage.
  • Most university assignments follow a basic format. Knowing this will help you recognise what you need to do and how to do it. Assignments generally have five components:

    • An overview
    • A task statement
    • Content guidelines
    • Style/presentation guidelines
    • Assessment criteria

    Read more about assignments in our tip sheet

  • The ECU Buddy Program is a program to support new international students who have relocated to Australia to begin their studies here.

    If you're a new international student, you can login to BuddyHub to find an ECU Buddy to give you support and guidance in adapting to the Australian way of life. Your buddy will be an ECU student who has been at the university for one or more semesters.

    To take part in the ECU Buddy Program, you'll need to register and login to CareerHub.

  • CareerHub is our 'one-stop-shop' for career planning and job search resources and information. On CareerHub you can:

    • view online resources;
    • view about and to attend our workshops;
    • visit our online jobs board;
    • find information about on and off-campus events, including employer visits and career events; and
    • book an appointment with a career adviser.

    To access CareerHub, login via the Careers and Employability Services web page using your current ECU username and password.

  • Our Peer Mentoring Program assists new undergraduate students in building social and academic networks so they settle more quickly into university life and have a more positive academic experience.

    If you're a new student, you'll automatically be allocated a Peer Mentor to help you through your first semester.

  • At ECU, all written assessments are required to follow a standard referencing format. Referencing is a formal, systematic way of acknowledging the sources that you have found in your research and used in your assessment. Failing to acknowledge other writers' words, ideas or theories, either intentionally or unintentionally is considered plagiarism.

    Follow the ECU Referencing Guide to ensure you understand and use correct referencing.

    Also see 'plagiarism' and 'Turnitin'.

  • Your Student Portal is your personal homepage on the ECU website, allowing you to access Blackboard, SIMO, web mail, the library, a list of your enrolled units and other university information and services.

    Select Student/Staff Portal from the ECU Homepage, then login using your ECU login ID and password.

    Your login ID is the start of your email address before Your student number is not your login ID.

  • If this is your first or second semester at ECU, we encourage you to access our free online tutoring service called Studiosity. This service allows you to live-chat with tutors to get advice on topics such as:

    • assignment writing;
    • researching a problem;
    • seeking feedback on your writing; and
    • starting an assignment.

    Studiosity also offers content advice for economics, accounting and mathematics. Tutoring sessions usually last about 20 minutes.

    You can access Studiosity through Blackboard, under the 'My Communities' section.

  • In most units you will be required to attend tutorials (also referred to as tutes). Usually there are about 20 students per tutorial group. The nature of tutorials will vary from tutor to tutor and subject to subject.

    Read more about tutorials in our tip sheet

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