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The Referencing Library Guide provides information on referencing at ECU. It contains access to video tutorials, printable guides, sample references, and the Academic Writer Central Database (formerly APA Style Central Database). The database contains videos, quizzes, and a searchable bank of sample references.

Referencing is a requirement in all your academic work. It is a formal way to let your readers know exactly where you found your information and acknowledges other authors’ words and ideas that you have used in your own work.

Failure to reference can be considered plagiarism, which is a serious offence and is considered academic misconduct.

Most units taught at ECU will require the use of the American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing.

Law students

Most LAW coded units require adherence to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) 3rd edition referencing style.

Legal materials covered by the AGLC

Many legal materials are covered by the AGLC including cases, legislation, journal articles, books, parliamentary debates (Hansard), legal encyclopaedias, loose leaf services, working papers, treaties, United Nations material and more. Hard copy and online sources are covered.

A guide to using AGLC

The University of Queensland Library is a great resource for using the AGLC referencing style.

They have created a legal reference style using the Modify Reference Types function in EndNote.

Legal output styles

The University of Queensland has created two output styles for legal referencing using EndNote that conform with the requirements of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition):

  • AGLC3 Footnotes Only - for short documents such as journal articles; and
  • AGLC3 Footnotes and Bibliography - for longer works that require a bibliography such as a thesis or book.

The Endnote AGLC3 style for footnotes and bibliography has been added to the standard operating environment at the University. To access these styles, visit the Output Styles web page on the University of Queensland Library website.

We recommend that you consult and download the relevant user guides published by the University of Queensland.

Downloading output styles

For information about how to download these legal output styles into EndNote, see Section Set-up the AGLC style in EndNote.

Create a new reference style

We recommend that you create a new style (type) called ‘Legal’ in EndNote. Follow the instructions in Section Create a legal reference type.

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