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Social Media at ECU

If you are considering a social media presence i.e. Facebook page or Twitter account for your school/faculty/centre please consider the following:

  • Do you have a clearly defined mission and goal?
  • Do you have a content strategy?
  • Do you believe your target audience is present In the channel in sufficient numbers to warrant a presence and can substantiate this claim?
  • Do you wish to broadcast a message? If so, can it be distributed through any of the existing channels listed above instead?
  • Can you ensure that all queries are responded to within 24 Hours (preferably 12) on a regular working day?
  • Can you commit at least 15 minutes per day to monitoring and evaluation?
  • Can you ensure that any queries that cannot be answered by your team are promptly forwarded to the appropriate department/team?
  • Are you able to set a roster for monitoring of the presence including the provision of a backup administrator should the assigned administrator be ill/absent/unable to fulfil their duties?
  • Do you agree to abide by the guidelines on how to respond to any negative feedback?

If you answered mostly "yes" to these questions please contact the Digital Marketing Manager to discuss the establishment of a social media presence. You'll need to supply a business case after first reviewing the ECU Social Media Policy and ensuring you meet the criteria defined in the policy.

Guidelines, policies & standards

ECU disclaims all liability for any content published on third party sites like the ones listed on this page. When using social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter please consider that any comments you make may be visible to all internet users indefinitely.

For more information, please refer to the ECU Social Media Policy and the ECU Media Policy. If you have any queries, please contact the ECU Digital Marketing Manager, Andrew Dunbar.

Comment policy

All conversations and posts should be constructive, respectful, and contain language that is appropriate for all groups and ages. We reserve the right to disallow comments that are:

  • obscene, indecent, profane, or vulgar
  • contain threats or personal attacks of any kind
  • contain offensive terms directed to ethnic or racial groups
  • are defamatory, libelous or contain ad hominem attacks
  • promote or endorse a product or service
  • are excessively repetitive or constitute SPAM

Comments that do not adhere to the above guidelines will, without exception, be removed. In cases of repeat offenses, we will take action to block offenders.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding ECU and social media, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Digital Marketing Manager

Andrew Dunbar

Logo use

Use of the ECU logo is by permission only. Please do not use the ECU logo image on any social media networks without express permission from the Marketing and Communications Services Centre. To request permission for logo use, please contact using the subject line: Request for ECU logo permission and give the reason(s) for the request in the email body. Any unauthorised use will be reported to authorities and the offending image removed.

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